Asymmetric Fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga – Balenciaga fashion house re-presents their latest collection for the Spring/Summer 2013. Collections were reportedly the last works of Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga is a focus for the fashion audience with a series of captivating clothing, full of material cut game. Read the full article if you want to understand the asymmetric fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga.

Asymmetric fashion 2013 of Balenciaga

This ad campaign was taken by photographer Steven Meisel and exhibited by the three new comer of models, Kremi Otashliyska, Kristin Kragh Liljegren and Sam Rollinson.

Sensual is the impression we get when looking at this dress collection. This is confirmed by the statement of Nicolas Ghesquiere. “This collection is the most sensual collection I’ve ever made,” he told to By combining elements of myth, antique and a collection 1968 Cristobal Balenciaga dresses was born an edgy modern fashion style.

Those sensual impression was gained by cutting techniques. Cutting plays an important role in this collection. Silhouettes of flamenco which is a result of diagonal strips of cloth, square cutting to tops, to bra cutting and high-waist pants that colliding each others. – Asymmetric Fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga

Asymmetric fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga Asymmetric Fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga

Asymmetric fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga

Spring Summer 2013 asymmetric fashion materials

Tweed material also dominated the collection with a mix of synthetic material and lace to make it look more modern.
T-Shirt even soaked in glue in order to get a dramatic stiff texture.

But Balenciaga still maintain their collection in this Spring Summer 2013 to stay comfortable and ready to wear, classic silhouettes such as sleeveless blazers to mini dresses stay put forward.

Balenciaga 2013 asymmetric fashion, color palette

In terms of color, monochromatic color palette chosen so that the eyes of lovers of fashion are not distracted from the pieces and innovative design of this 2013 Balenciaga asymmetric fashion Spring Summer. The choice of colors is also thoughtful to maintain the quality of the fashion house.

Thank you for reading this article (Asymmetric Fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga). Hopefully you enjoy this article and can give you inspiration in dressing for Spring Summer fashion trends in 2013.

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