Blazer for Women to Stylish in 2013 – Blazer is a fashion item that is now increasingly becoming the trend among the fashionistas. This stylish clothing is no longer wear for formal events, even can be wear to hang out in the weekend. Today, the appearances of blazer designs are more interesting. If in the past, blazer is always dominated by neutral colors, now blazer appears with a touch of unusual color. If you are looking for inspiration to look stylish in 2013, here are some options of blazer for you:

Blazer for women 2013 by the fashion house

1. Diane von Furstenberg
If you want to present a cheerful appearance then USD550 blazer from Diane von Furstenberg is the right choice. Blazer with orange palette gives the impression of more exciting and stylish, when paired with stripe blouse and skinny jeans.

This dark fuchsia blazer from DKNY is able to give the impression of more casual when paired with shorts. You should combine this DKNY blazer with black or white dress, and pants or skirt. This fashion item are sold at USD650.

Blazer for women to stylish in 2013 Blazer for Women to Stylish in 2013

Blazer for women to stylish in 2013

Blazer for women 2013 by Rag & Bone and Gucci

3. Rag & Bone
A soft yellow color in this Blazer fashion from Rag & Bone gives the impression of cheerful. Combining this blazer with a blouse and jeans, will give a bit casual style. This blazer for women 2013 is sold at USD630.

4. Gucci
Caramel color is an option of fashion house Gucci for their blazer design in 2013. You can wear light colored trousers such as red together with this fashion item from Gucci. For a more stylish and fun, combine this Gucci item with print pants. With USD1600 you can have this blazer from Gucci. – Blazer for Women to Stylish in 2013

Blazer for women 2013, the last design

5. Miu Miu
Miu Miu offers burgundy colored stretch wool blazer with price of USD900. Choose pants or skirt with a matching color with blouse that you wear or this 2013 Miu Miu blazer to get formal look.

Thank you for reading this article (Blazer for Women to Stylish in 2013). Hopefully the fifth blazer above can give you inspiration in dressing for fashion trends in 2013. – Blazer for Women to Stylish in 2013

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