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Stiletto Nails Trend of Hollywood Celebrities

Stiletto nails trend of Hollywood celebrities

Stiletto Nails Trend of Hollywood Celebrities is about Hollywood celebrities stiletto nails trend. Hollywood celebrities always have their own way to show their style. This time, the turn of the model stiletto nails are becoming a trend the latest of Hollywood public figure. Here the Stiletto Nails Trend of Hollywood Celebrities.

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Moslem clothing by Dian Pelangi Touched Australia at Burswood Expo

moslem clothing design by Dian Pelangi

Moslem clothing not only get the market in countries known as the Moslem population like Malaysia, Brunei, the Middle East but Moslem clothing also very popular in Australia. This is evidenced by the design of fashion designer Dian Pelangi in Burswood Expo recently. Moslem clothing by Dian Pelangi taking inspiration material Indonesia locations, great demand by people who visited the event.

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5 Hottest Maxi Dress of Celebrities 2011

Jamie-Lynn Sigler maxi dress - 5 Hottest Maxi Dress of Celebrities 2011

Maxi dresses trend has become one of the must-have items for women. The style that is elegant and sexy is suitable to attend the various events. But not a few women wore maxi dresses as well as daily outfit when they want to go relax. Maxi dresses is also become a choice by the world celebrities to attend an event. Here are 5 Hottest Celebrities Maxi Dress of 2011:

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Billboard Music Award 2011 Fashion Show

Beyonce dress - Billboard Music Award 2011 Fashion Show

Billboard Music Awards always brings interesting things to be listened, not just from anyone who the winner but also about the fashion style of the celebrities. And for the Billboard Music Awards 2011, we took some of the best celebrity fashion styles with their own. Here are billboard fashion 2011.

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Sexy Dress Design with Backless Dress women’s Fashion Trend

celebrity nicole kidman backless dress

Backless dress is a dress that was designed specifically to highlight or expose the back of the body. With a piece of fabric that passes through the neck and hidden behind the hair to resist this dress will certainly leave the impression that from the back you do not wear anything.

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