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Mugler Fashion Collection 2012 by Nicola Formichetti

Mugler fashion collection 2012 by Nicola Formichetti

Mugler Fashion Collection 2012 by Nicola Formichetti is about Nicola Formichetti 2012 Mugler fashion collection. Since become creative director at Mugler last year, Nicola Formichetti seems want to show a new side of the fashion house Thierry Mugler. Together with Sebastian Peigne – head designer for Mugler woman line – he kept trying to enter the modern elements into the ‘soul’ of that fashion house from Paris. Here the Mugler Fashion Collection 2012 by Nicola Formichetti.

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Maxi Dress 2011 as New Summer Fashion Trend

maxi dress floral pattern

While welcoming spring and summer of course you will start thinking about what clothes you will wear both during the day or night. There are so many fashion trends that could be your choice in 2011. However, not all fashion trends 2011 match with you, however is not wrong if you would try what a trend that matches for you in the spring and summer of 2011. But if you want a fashion trend that is always stable in each year you can wear maxi dress. Maxi dress is a trend which is very comfortable for you wear both during the day or night.

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Flower Garden Fashion Design by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

floral pattern maxi dress by D&G

Dolce and Gabbana which is also known as D&G brand has always specialized them in a fashion trend that raised new themes and eventually become a new fashion trend favored by lovers of fashion in the world. But D&G did not rule out also for pick-up again a popular fashion trend and combine it with their own trends. As the latest collection of fashion designer Dolce and Gabbana-D&G Spring / Summer 2011.

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Spend New Year’s Eve party with Special Fashion

Black belt new year

Christmas only a few days away and if you’re lucky, Santa will give you some great articles to ensure that your clothes will look fabulous on the night of the new year. But for those of you who are less fortunate, who do not accept articles about fashion on New Year’s Eve does not need to worry, because we have fashion advice that will make you look fantastic wherever you spend New Year’s Eve on 31 December in your New Year’s Eve party.

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Gothic Style Fashion Trend: Dressed All In Black

Gothic style fashion trend

Gothic Style Fashion Trend: Dressed all in black is about dressed all in black with gothic style fashion trend. Gothic style was adopted as a fashion trend of the western countries and even most of the world. Some characteristics of the gothic style fashion trend, among others, is a dark, silver accessories, and face with pale makeup that symbolizes the soul that never dies like a vampire but still chic. Hairdo was painted black or bright colors such as blond, red, purple and others. While the makeup was dominated by black and white, with pale white base with kohl, brows, and black lipstick.

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