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Change of Function Spectacles, as Fashion Trend in 2011

spectacles as fashion trend of 2011

Spectacles or commonly known as glasses, eyeglasses, or goggles are an accessory that is used to improve someone vision or as eye protection from flying dust. Spectacles is also useful to protect our eyes from the light is too bright. Spectacles for some people is a must because they have a slight problem with the view. But in 2011, spectacles have another function that is as a fashion trend.

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Style with Keds Shoes in Fashion Trend of 2011

Style with keds shoes in fashion trend of 2011

Have a favorite keds shoes that still fit to wear? Do not be confused, this sporty shoe don’t have to combine with sports shorts, tank-top and jogging towels. Even, you can combine keds shoes with a little black dress and become casual style with this keds shoes.

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Christmas Fashion Inspiration

Taylor swift red christmas

December has arrived, which means, shortly before Christmas. Why not Spice up loving this month with something red? Keep Reading…

Motorcycle Gloves in Spring Fashion 2011

Motorcycle Gloves in Spring Fashion 2011

To you are the true biker, it is definitely safety riding is important. It’s not enough just to wear helmet. Jacket, shoes, and motorcycle gloves are items that are also important. These motorcycle gloves in Spring Fashion 2011 have a function in addition to safety, also can make you look more trendy when you riding a motorcycle.

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Billboard Music Award 2011 Fashion Show

Beyonce dress - Billboard Music Award 2011 Fashion Show

Billboard Music Awards always brings interesting things to be listened, not just from anyone who the winner but also about the fashion style of the celebrities. And for the Billboard Music Awards 2011, we took some of the best celebrity fashion styles with their own. Here are billboard fashion 2011.

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