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Lace Dress Trend of Kate Middleton

Lace dress trend of Kate Middleton

Lace Dress Trend of Kate Middleton is about Kate Middleton lace dress trend. Lace dress trend material is often used to traditional dress up to feast. In the world of fashion, lace is often used as material for making evening dresses because a luxurious texture and gives the impression of aristocrat at once sensual. How not, that one type of fabric is always transparent and show the wearer’s skin if it is not coated with furing. Here the Lace Dress Trend of Kate Middleton.

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Lacoste Shoes 2012 Collection, Sporty-Feminine

Lacoste shoes 2012 collection

Lacoste Shoes 2012 Collection, Sporty-Feminin is about sporty and feminine of Lacoste shoes 2012 collection. Lacoste issued latest collection for Lacoste shoes 2012 Spring Summer 2012. This French fashion brand identical with sporty style. But this time, Lacoste presented element of feminine and elegant but practical to worn for women shoes collection.

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Black Wedding Dress Trend by Fashion Designer Vera Wang

Black wedding dress trend, fashion designer Vera Wang

Black Wedding Dress Trend by Fashion Designer Vera Wang is about collection of fashion designer Vera Wang black wedding dress trend. Western style wedding dress is identical with the white color. But, renowned fashion designer Vera Wang dare go against the flow, by creating a black wedding dress. Colors are more commonly regarded as the color of mourning.

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Anna Dello Russo and H&M Accessories

Anna Dello Russo H&M accessories

Anna Dello Russo and H&M Accessories is about H&M accessories by Anna Dello Russo. Japanese Vogue fashion editor, Anna Dello Russo is known in the fashion world because of the eccentric style of dress. Anna Dello Russo always wore a dress exactly like her appearance on the stage runway. Here the Anna Dello Russo and H&M Accessories.

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New Corsets Design by THEIA with Military Sense

corsets floral pattern by THEIA

Corsets actually is a clothing that worn for medical and aesthetic because corset can hold and shape of our bodies. But in the development of corsets, corsets able to enter the world of fashion and become a separate trend. And now corsets worn only by women to shape body be slim and ideal. Corsets styles always growing in fashion trend of 2011, such as fashion design Corsets by THEIA that combines corsets for women with military fashion trend.

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