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New Fashion Design of Leather Harness for Women

Leather harness combined with maxi dress - New Fashion Design of Leather Harness for Women

Harness is an item that we usually find on pets such as dogs, cats, horses and other animals. Harness is also a tool of construction workers as a tool for safety. Harness is also often applied to the toddler for toddlers is easier to carry. But if we talk about fashion that is currently growing, then the harness was also included one item that comes into the world of fashion, especially the leather harness. Leather harness developed into a fashion trend for women in this 2011. Many variations of leather harness that can inspire you by reading this article.

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Summer Fashion Tips to Wear Swimsuits 2011

red swimsuits for summer 2011

When summer comes, fashion lovers get ready style to this season. You certainly want to go to the beach or swim in the outdoor swimming poll and still look stylish. This outfit also you can wear at day Pool Party or night. Please see the following tips bellow:

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Unique 2011 Bridal collection by Matthew Williamson

wedding gown trends in 2011 with one shoulder

The wedding is an event or ceremony that is formal and sacred in which two people love each other will be united. The wedding itself is very varies, depending on the choice of married couples. Events marriage can by culture of two person who are married, according to religion even according to social class. From each of wedding ceremony, of course there are different wedding dress. When getting married, wedding dress would be something very important, because that is an event of you so you and your bridegroom will be the main role. You definitely want to look special on your special wedding right? For that wedding gown collection 2011 from a fashion designer named Matthew Williamson can be your reference as your wedding gown.

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Christmas with Gold and Black

Black stockings gold vintage dress

Black and gold color combination will give the impression of an elegant, formal, neat and cheerful atmosphere will evoke the celebration of Christmas. On Christmas day you can use black and gold dress formal, or if you want more relaxed during the celebration of Christmas you could use a vintage dress.

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Beauty Tips from Celebrities at Red Carpet

Beauty tips from celebrities at red carpet

Beauty Tips from Celebrities at Red Carpet is about red carpet beauty tips from celebrities. Celebrities who walked at the red carpet can sometimes make other women envious. Make-up face that is gorgeous, beautifully arranged hair and glowing skin, which women who do not want that celebrity look. With a little make-up tricks, you can get the aura of beauty such as celebrities when walk at the red carpet. Here the Beauty Tips from Celebrities at Red Carpet.

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