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New Corsets Design by THEIA with Military Sense

corsets floral pattern by THEIA

Corsets actually is a clothing that worn for medical and aesthetic because corset can hold and shape of our bodies. But in the development of corsets, corsets able to enter the world of fashion and become a separate trend. And now corsets worn only by women to shape body be slim and ideal. Corsets styles always growing in fashion trend of 2011, such as fashion design Corsets by THEIA that combines corsets for women with military fashion trend.

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Fashion Trend of 2011 With New Design of Accentuated Shoulders

celebrity blake lively wear accentuated shoulders trend

Perhaps for those of you fashion lovers was familiar with accentuated shoulders, because accentuated shoulders is a trend from the past that 80-year and now comes back as a trend in 2011. In the fashion trend of 80s accentuated shoulders is a big shoulder pads, but in the fashion trends of 2011 now accentuated shoulders made more structured and more beautiful.

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Ombre Hair Trend 2012 of Celebrities

Ombre hair trend 2012 of celebrities

Ombre Hair Trend 2012 of Celebrities is about celebrities ombre hair trend 2012. Ombre hair trend of dip dye hair become a trend for now. If previously hair trend, all the hair dyed with bright colors, now those bright colors only in the bottom part of the hair, so that trend called as ombre hair trend. As a recommendation, here the ombre hair trend 2012 of celebrities.

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Asymmetric Fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga

Asymmetric fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga

Asymmetric Fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga – Balenciaga fashion house re-presents their latest collection for the Spring/Summer 2013. Collections were reportedly the last works of Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga is a focus for the fashion audience with a series of captivating clothing, full of material cut game. Read the full article if you want to understand the asymmetric fashion Spring Summer 2013 from Balenciaga.

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Newest Hair Trends for The Owner of Square Face

Keira Knightley front layer haircut - Newest Hair Trends for The Owner of Square face

Square face is marked with prominent jaw bones like those of Keira Knightlely. Between the straight forehead, cheekbones, and jaw bone so that the face looks square. This face type will be more in line with the front layered haircut to frame the face, or can also choose a soft wavy newest hair trends to cover the jaw.

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