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New Corsets Design by THEIA with Military Sense

corsets floral pattern by THEIA

Corsets actually is a clothing that worn for medical and aesthetic because corset can hold and shape of our bodies. But in the development of corsets, corsets able to enter the world of fashion and become a separate trend. And now corsets worn only by women to shape body be slim and ideal. Corsets styles always growing in fashion trend of 2011, such as fashion design Corsets by THEIA that combines corsets for women with military fashion trend.

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Fashion Style of the Era of 50′s and 60′s Classic for a New Year Party

chocolate skirt 50s new year

For Christmas or New Year’s party that is formal, you can style the era of 50 and 60 of that classic, glamorous and slightly retro. Sequins, lace, ribbons and various ornaments are key to display this style. Do not forget the full skirt which is becoming a style icon 50‘s, or a shift dress to show a la 60‘s. If you want a formal look with the feel of elegance, you can wear long dresses.

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Newest Hair Trends for The Owner of Square Face

Keira Knightley front layer haircut - Newest Hair Trends for The Owner of Square face

Square face is marked with prominent jaw bones like those of Keira Knightlely. Between the straight forehead, cheekbones, and jaw bone so that the face looks square. This face type will be more in line with the front layered haircut to frame the face, or can also choose a soft wavy newest hair trends to cover the jaw.

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Roger Dubuis Watches 2012 Collection

Roger Dubuis watches 2012 collection

Roger Dubuis Watches 2012 Collection is about collection of Roger Dubuis watches 2012. In dressing, accessory become a supporting element for the appearance to look more stylish and classy. Watches one of them, especially Roger Dubuis watches 2012 collection, in addition to functioning as a timepiece, design and quality also helps a person to look excellent. Here the Roger Dubuis Watches 2012 Collection.

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Kate Middleton Bracelet at The Treehouse Hospice

Kate Middleton bracelet at The Treehouse Hospice

Kate Middleton Bracelet at The Treehouse Hospice is about accessories of Kate Middleton bracelet at the Treehouse Hospice. Although the wife of the prospective Britain heir to the throne, Kate Middleton was always famous for look elegant yet simple, with only silver earrings and necklaces jewelry.

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