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Christmas with Gold and Black

Black stockings gold vintage dress

Black and gold color combination will give the impression of an elegant, formal, neat and cheerful atmosphere will evoke the celebration of Christmas. On Christmas day you can use black and gold dress formal, or if you want more relaxed during the celebration of Christmas you could use a vintage dress.

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New Design Women’s Leather Fashion Trend 2011

New Design Women's Leather Fashion Trend 2011

It’s no secret that the leather has become the choice of every person in the world, and leather has adorn wardrobe all of us. As fashion trends 2011, leather has become to a higher level.

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Vans and Hello Kitty in One Unique Shoes Design

Hello Kitty Vans sneakers collection - Vans and Hello Kitty in One Unique Shoes Design

The collaboration of two giants of the business is expected to produce something special. It is also expected from the collaboration Vans, a leading footwear company in the United States, with Sanrio, the Japanese company known as the owner of the cartoon character Hello Kitty.

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Asian Ethnic Become World Fashion Strength from Hong Kong Fashion Week 2011

hong kong fashion week 2011 asian strengh style

Seeing the development of Asian regional-style fashion, through Hong Kong Fashion Week,  always interesting. Watching how Asia has grown to become ’tiger fashion’ especially in terms of industry and power distribution all over the world.

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New Design of Leather Belts for Women and Men 2011 Fashion Trend

Black beetle canvas belts - New Design of Leather Belts for Women and Men 2011 Fashion Trend

Since the first belts is a fashion item that can not be separated from everyone, both men and women. As in any other fashion accessory, the mens belts and belts for women was always changes, follow the development of fashion trend. And lately, belts for women that much-loved by women is a skinny belt. Skinny belt able to attract the attention of fashion lover because of the unique and fit combined with the current fashion trend. However, Don’t forget the leather belts, from the beginning until now, leather belts is a belts are the most popular by fashion lover around the world. Although the classic, but leather belts still attractive, moreover right now there are new designs of leather belts for men and womens leather belts for fashion trends 2011.

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