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2011 Trends Men Fashion Style

men style 2011

2011 has come, a new style of fashion trends will be coming to the men. There are five references who will be the trend in 2011. Here 2011 Trends Men Fashion Style

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Fashion Tips to Wear Straight Cut Jeans Trend

Straight cut jeans style

Jeans are a fashion trend that never disappear from the world of fashion. Jeans will always be an option for lovers of fashion and even all the people in the world. Of the many models of jeans. At this time, I will discuss how to wear straight cut jeans correctly and what accessories are should be used when wear straight cut jeans in 2011.

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New Fashion Design of Leather Jacket by Gerasimos

black Gerasimos leather jacket

Leather jacket which is a type of clothing, and as the name implies, this jacket is made of leather. And now a leather jacket has become a trend, that popularity is increasing from year to year. Leather jacket become more popular because leather jacket worn by a few different versions, for example, the most common leather jacket is very closely related to the biker, other than that there are military, rock stars and others. If in the previous trend common leather jacket is black, then in 2011 this trend is more varied choice of colors ranging from brown, gray, even light colors are also present in the leather jacket trend of 2011.

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Miu Miu Sunglasses 2012 2013 Pentagon Shape

Miu Miu sunglasses 2012 2013 pentagon shape

Miu Miu Sunglasses 2012 2013 Pentagon Shape is about pentagon shape of Miu Miu sunglasses 2012 2013. Sunglasses with cat’s eye shape or round like John Lennon style so popular in 2011 and early 2012. But now fashion lover want a more unique look of sunglasses. No wonder if the new Miu Miu sunglasses has become a new idol. Here the Miu Miu Sunglasses 2012 2013 Pentagon Shape.

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New York Street Style of Fashion, Who is The Most Stylish?

New York street style of fashion, the most stylish

New York Street Style of Fashion, Who is The Most Stylish? is about who is the most stylish from New York street style. The fans and fashion observers from different parts of the world seem thronged streets in New York. Their purpose is to attend New York Fashion Week. They are also competing to be the most stylish. Like what their fashion style? Here the New York Street Style of Fashion, Who is The Most Stylish?.

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