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Travel Holiday Fashion

square pants holiday

Preparation just before a trip to a place very much needed. When traveling far either for business, holiday or tourist, wear fashionable clothes, but still give effect to the relaxed and comfortable. With the makeup, the travel business, vacation or a tour you will feel more fun.

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Thousands of Crystal-Studded Hair Straightener by Linea Pro Appliances

Thousands of crystal-studded hair straightener by Linea Pro Appliances

Today, glamorous has become a woman lifestyle. Even, not only among the celebrities, but also among common women. At least, the discourse like it has become a kind of trust that were held by Linea Pro Appliances, a manufacturer of beauty tools, hair straighteners for example, for the elite customer segment. The company believes, the upper class customers not only require an ordinary beauty tools, but at the same time glamorous and can raise the prestige of the owners. With a mindset like that’s the company released the Linea Pro Swarovski Crystal C2 Iron, a hair styling tool in the form of flat iron or sprinkled hair straightener with Swarovski crystal beads.

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2011 Hat of Kate Middleton Style at Epsom Racecourse

Duchess of cambridge dress - 2011 Hat of Kate Middleton Style at Epsom Race Course
Kate Middleton comes back full of charm after her glory marriage that has stunned billions people of the earth last month. Kate Middleton who is now holding the title Duchess of Cambridge mingled with the royal family in a horse race, last weekend.

Fashion Design Collection of Just Cavalli for Fall Trend 2011

red color trend by fashion design Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli is a company in the field of fashion design with various collections of attractive and dynamic clothes. Just Cavalli is a company of a famous fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. Just Cavalli always presenting the latest trends every year for fashion lovers in the world. And this time in the fall of 2011, collections from the Just Cavalli presents a variety of fashion and style. Please continue reading this article, and hopefully Just Cavalli clothing can be your fashion style reference.

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Nail Polish Colors, Manicure, and Nail Art for Summer Fashion Trend

Creamy pastel nail polish colors by Christian Dior

Color trend was not only applies to clothing, but also for nail polish for summer fashion trend 2011. Following the trend of nail polish colors for summer fashion trend.

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