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Oscar 2011 Nail Polish and Manicure

Oscar 2011 Nail Polish and Manicure

The night of 83rd Academy Awards back to bring a new trend. Not only fashion but also accessories and nail polish. Compared with nail polish and manicure trends used by the celebrities at the Grammy Awards a while ago, nail polish and manicure trends at the Oscars 2011 looks different.

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Fashion Beauty Rules 2012 For New Fashion Design 2012

Fashion beauty rules 2012, new fashion design 2012

Fashion Beauty Rules 2012 is about the new fashion beauty rules 2012 for fashion design 2012. Less or more? Here are some options as fashion beauty rules 2012. First is the makeup look with fresh look and healthy for the wholesome appeal. And the second is characterized by dark makeup also aggressively to stimulate your sex appeal and personality.

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Five Fashionable Clothes and Dress For Your New Year’s Eve Party

dress of purple

Although not mandatory for every person, we should perform special when the new year will attend the party. Trendy clothing choices will you wear at a party later tonight turn of New Year’s Eve there are five options, namely: Keep Reading…

Unique Bikini Design by Lisa Blue for Summer 2011 Fashion Trend

Unique monokini with pattern - Unique Bikini Design by Lisa Blue for Summer 2011 Fashion Trend

For those of you who like to wear a bikini, monokinis, swimsuit or swimwear when going to the beach or just swim in the pool when summer comes, of course you as a woman always wants to look beautiful, elegant, sexy, and charming with your bikini, monokinis, swimsuit or swimwear. Currently in the summer of 2011 has emerged a new bikini, monokinis, swimsuit or swimwear trend, by combining some fashion trend in 2011 like cropped and motif pattern.

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Sexy Look with Summery Snake Print Trend

summery snake print trend

Snakeskin and snakeskin pattern has the incredible ability to add sex appeal to the stylish look with any outfit that combine with summery snake print trend. At least, that’s the conclusion of the observers celebrity fashion and accessories. This conclusion was obtained after they observe the similarity of fashion style displayed by Zoe Saldana, Doutzen Kroes, Natasha Yarovenko, and Kate Hudson lately. Evidently, that four beautiful celebrities together brought a summery snake print trend.

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