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Pink Dress Fashion Design as New Fashion Trend

Celebrities pink dress - Pink Dress Fashion Design as New Fashion Trend

Not many items in your wardrobe that can make you instantly feel they have the look girlie. But of the few, the the style of little pink dress definitely ranked at the top as a dress that makes you look girlie.

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In The Mood, The Nail Polish that can Change Their Own Colors

Blue colors of In The Mood nail polish

Psychologically, of course not good to do things that do not according with the mood. Based on that thought, a cosmetics company released a nail polish called In The Mood. This nail polish is very special, because the nail polish colors can be changed according to the wearer’s mood.

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New Corsets Design by THEIA with Military Sense

corsets floral pattern by THEIA

Corsets actually is a clothing that worn for medical and aesthetic because corset can hold and shape of our bodies. But in the development of corsets, corsets able to enter the world of fashion and become a separate trend. And now corsets worn only by women to shape body be slim and ideal. Corsets styles always growing in fashion trend of 2011, such as fashion design Corsets by THEIA that combines corsets for women with military fashion trend.

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Fashion Tips, Make Slimming Impression with Accessories

Long hanging earrings

Wearing accessories will certainly increasingly beautify the appearance of women. Even, the selection of the right accessories can give the slimming impression. Here are some accessories that can give the impression slimming.

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Christmas with Gold and Black

Black stockings gold vintage dress

Black and gold color combination will give the impression of an elegant, formal, neat and cheerful atmosphere will evoke the celebration of Christmas. On Christmas day you can use black and gold dress formal, or if you want more relaxed during the celebration of Christmas you could use a vintage dress.

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