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Mulberry Bag Collection 2012: Evelina Bag

Mulberry bag collection 2012, Evelina Bag

Mulberry Bag Collection 2012: Evelina Bag is about news of Evelina Bag as the new Mulberry bag collection 2012. Mulberry, the British luxury bags brand issued a new product that has been long awaited by the fashionista: personalized lady bag style. The new Mulberry bag collection 2012 is called Evelina Bag, borrowed the name of Evelina Mambetova, a top Ukrainian model who has been demonstrate the bag collection of Mulberry for 2010 Fall-Winter fashion season in various fashion shows.

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Maxi Dress 2011 as New Summer Fashion Trend

maxi dress floral pattern

While welcoming spring and summer of course you will start thinking about what clothes you will wear both during the day or night. There are so many fashion trends that could be your choice in 2011. However, not all fashion trends 2011 match with you, however is not wrong if you would try what a trend that matches for you in the spring and summer of 2011. But if you want a fashion trend that is always stable in each year you can wear maxi dress. Maxi dress is a trend which is very comfortable for you wear both during the day or night.

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Louis Vuitton Fashion Trend 2012, Hunt It in Paris

Louis Vuitton fashion trend 2012, Paris

Louis Vuitton Fashion Trend 2012, Hunt It in Paris is about hunting products of Louis Vuitton fashion trend 2012 in Paris. Apart from being a center of fashion world, Paris is also known as a shopping paradise for fashionistas. Many branded products in that French capital is sought after by fashionistas from all over the world. Guaranteed, the products are original because the French government is very anti-piracy. They really appreciate the patent.

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New Fashion Design of Leather Jacket by Gerasimos

black Gerasimos leather jacket

Leather jacket which is a type of clothing, and as the name implies, this jacket is made of leather. And now a leather jacket has become a trend, that popularity is increasing from year to year. Leather jacket become more popular because leather jacket worn by a few different versions, for example, the most common leather jacket is very closely related to the biker, other than that there are military, rock stars and others. If in the previous trend common leather jacket is black, then in 2011 this trend is more varied choice of colors ranging from brown, gray, even light colors are also present in the leather jacket trend of 2011.

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Stuart Weitzman Shoes Design Collaborate with Celebrities

Stuart Weitzman shoes design, celebrities

Stuart Weitzman Shoes Design Collaborate with Celebrities is about celebrities that designed Stuart Weitzman shoes design. Stuart Weitzman, shoes designer who is very famous among the celebrities, launching a new shoes collection. This Stuart Weitzman shoes design is collaborate with the celebrities. Among them is Michelle Trachtenberg, Olivia Palermo, Scarlett Johansson, and Hayden Panettiere. Each celebrity is involved in this collaboration, each designing shoes with Stuart Weitzman for put in a collection of Stuart Weitzman shoes design, named Young Hollywood Cares Collection.

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