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In The Mood, The Nail Polish that can Change Their Own Colors

Blue colors of In The Mood nail polish

Psychologically, of course not good to do things that do not according with the mood. Based on that thought, a cosmetics company released a nail polish called In The Mood. This nail polish is very special, because the nail polish colors can be changed according to the wearer’s mood.

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Fashion Beauty Rules 2012 For New Fashion Design 2012

Fashion beauty rules 2012, new fashion design 2012

Fashion Beauty Rules 2012 is about the new fashion beauty rules 2012 for fashion design 2012. Less or more? Here are some options as fashion beauty rules 2012. First is the makeup look with fresh look and healthy for the wholesome appeal. And the second is characterized by dark makeup also aggressively to stimulate your sex appeal and personality.

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New Men Fashion Trend with External Pockets

Kris Van Assche external pocket for men fashion trend - New Men Fashion Trend with External Pockets

While women continue to adapt the mens fashion, the man himself kept busy with their daily activities. Many women who adapted the mens fashion, and most recently the boyfriend jeans. If a woman is able to adapt the mens fashion, then what about the women fashion adapted by men? Do not worry, at this time has emerged a new man fashion trend which was adapted from women fashion, the trend is External pockets.

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New Design Women’s Leather Fashion Trend 2011

New Design Women's Leather Fashion Trend 2011

It’s no secret that the leather has become the choice of every person in the world, and leather has adorn wardrobe all of us. As fashion trends 2011, leather has become to a higher level.

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Twiggy Makeup Look by Lee Hyori

Twiggy makeup look by Lee Hyori

Twiggy Makeup Look by Lee Hyori is about Lee Hyori has been successful to look like Twiggy. Trends in the style of 1960s brought properly by Lee Hyori. With that 1960s fashion style, Lee Hyori was perfectly incarnated as Twiggy. Here the Twiggy makeup look by Lee Hyori.

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