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Style of Jolie, New Jewelry Design by Angelina Jolie and Robert Procop

Style of Jolie ring and necklace in gold color - Style of Jolie, New Jewelry Design by Angelina Jolie and Robert Procop

Beautiful actress Angelina Jolie is creating a unique and exclusive jewelry collection. She working together with high-class jewelry designers Robert Procop. It given name Style of Jolie, that high artistic valuable collection of jewelry will be sold and exhibited at the Julien’s auction house in Beverly Hills to a number of special invitees, and and the proceeds will be donated to the foundation of social funds led by Angelia Jolie.

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Military Street Style Fashion of Men

military men street style

Current trends Military Street Style Fashion from the 1980′s are still very popular for men. Although the actual trends of the 1980s began to be abandoned, while the trend from year-earlier years mainly from the 1930′s and 1940′s will remain strong and popular. Military Street Style Fashion Trends for approximately 2 years will still be popular even though a simple but will grew into something better. By bringing the Military Street Fashion Style You’ll look fierce and masculine with a modern fashion in modern years.

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Fashion Tips to Look Sexy and Not Skanky with Your Sexy Clothing

Fashion tips to Look sexy and not skanky with your sexy clothing

As a young spirited woman, especially living in a tropical country, surely you often see other women wear minimalist dressed or commonly called as sexy clothing. But wait, there are fashion tips and tricks so that your sexy clothing will look classy, not skanky or usually known as slutty.

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New Design of Shoes Trend for Spring/Summer 2011

oxford flats shoes for Spring-Summer 2011

Women are often so obsessed with shoes that made her feel confident and beautiful than any other accessory. Moreover, if the shoes style is a trend. Want to know the growing shoes trends for Spring/Summer 2011? Please continue reading this article:

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New Fashion Design of Leather Jacket by Gerasimos

black Gerasimos leather jacket

Leather jacket which is a type of clothing, and as the name implies, this jacket is made of leather. And now a leather jacket has become a trend, that popularity is increasing from year to year. Leather jacket become more popular because leather jacket worn by a few different versions, for example, the most common leather jacket is very closely related to the biker, other than that there are military, rock stars and others. If in the previous trend common leather jacket is black, then in 2011 this trend is more varied choice of colors ranging from brown, gray, even light colors are also present in the leather jacket trend of 2011.

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