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2011 Summer Accessories Trend with Envelope Clutch

2011 Summer Accessories Trend with black Envelope Clutch

Accessories with bright colors, large, and with intricate designs become the Summer accessories trend in this 2011. If wearing a long dress or maxi dress, you can complete your look with wedges shoes that are comfortable to wear and over-sized sunglasses. And also complete your look with bag, handbags or clutch. Because the bag, handbags or clutch can be said become one of the Summer accessories trend that can help you to try a new trend, without worrying about the wrong choice.

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5 Nail Polish Colors Trend for Spring Fashion 2011

Nail Polish Colors Trend for Spring Fashion 2011

For spring 2011, you can create new ideas that fit with the prevailing color trends to get a trendy nails make up. Here is the nail polish colors trend for spring 2011 which may be suitable for you:

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Selena Gomes Perfume for Spring Fashion Trend 2012

Selena Gomes perfume,Spring fashion trend 2012

Selena Gomes Perfume for Spring Fashion Trend 2012 is about Spring fashion trend 2012 with Selena Gomes perfume. As if not to be outdone by Justin Bieber, beautiful actress and singer Selena Gomes finally decided to follow her boyfriend with launch a perfume that carries her own name. Selena Gomes who were aged 19 years has even announced plans to launch that Selena Gomes perfume with a perfume maker who collaborated with Selena Gomes to make this Selena Gomes perfume.

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In The Mood, The Nail Polish that can Change Their Own Colors

Blue colors of In The Mood nail polish

Psychologically, of course not good to do things that do not according with the mood. Based on that thought, a cosmetics company released a nail polish called In The Mood. This nail polish is very special, because the nail polish colors can be changed according to the wearer’s mood.

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Change of Function Spectacles, as Fashion Trend in 2011

spectacles as fashion trend of 2011

Spectacles or commonly known as glasses, eyeglasses, or goggles are an accessory that is used to improve someone vision or as eye protection from flying dust. Spectacles is also useful to protect our eyes from the light is too bright. Spectacles for some people is a must because they have a slight problem with the view. But in 2011, spectacles have another function that is as a fashion trend.

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