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Flounce Mini Skirt as New Fashion Trend of Women in 2011

Flounce mini skirt as new fashion trend of women in 2011

Many fashion observers who judged that the days when many women wear a long skirts for women has passed. The assessment like that does not seem wrong. In big cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Paris and London, the view of women passing by in long skirts for women or long dress is easing with the arrival of spring this year. Both the length to the ankle or just below the knee.

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Citrus Colors, to Make Your Fashion Fresh

Citrus color

Wearing a dress with orange or yellow color is a bit strange, because the color is striking, especially when worn in the daytime. But there are some tricks to make it more fashionable colors and easy to wear.

Citrus colors like orange, lemon yellow and soft marigold make your display look bright and fresh. Wear this color when the mood was too late, tired or listless. Keep Reading…

Shoes Design for Summer 2011 by 4 Top Shoes Designer

Nautical shoes with soft decorative patterns by Chanel - Shoes Design for Summer 2011 by 4 Top Shoes Designer

Nautical shoes likely to be one of the favorite women’s shoes design in the summer of this year. To be sure, lately in various stage of fashion shows have begun popping up various new women’s shoes that called nautical shoes. At least, some time ago the English newspaper The Telegraph has issued a reports of nautical shoes.

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Fashion Tips About Your Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans for fashion trend of 2011 - Fashion Tips About Your Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are very popular among women. Skinny jeans have the characteristic tight inherent from waist to ankle, so that almost resembles a leggings. The combination of skinny jeans and leggings are jegging, these pants are made from material of jeans that is more elastic. Due to inherent from waist to ankle, this jeans will certainly show the shape of the feet clearly. Therefore, skinny jeans are more suitable for those who were thin, petite, and have a body like an hourglass. But for those who have the big hips, thighs and calves should avoid this jeans because it will further give big impression.

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Looks Aristocrat with Ladies Hat

Red Ladies hat - Looks Aristocrat with Ladies Hat

Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton attract the eyes of millions people around the world, appearance of the guests that majority wore a ladies hat like a British nationality, then becomes new trends for the lover of fashion in the world. At first, a ladies hat like Kate Middleton is more devoted to the nobility. But because of cultural development, the use of ladies hat continued to expand so that is also used by ordinary people and celebrities.

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