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New Corsets Design by THEIA with Military Sense

corsets floral pattern by THEIA

Corsets actually is a clothing that worn for medical and aesthetic because corset can hold and shape of our bodies. But in the development of corsets, corsets able to enter the world of fashion and become a separate trend. And now corsets worn only by women to shape body be slim and ideal. Corsets styles always growing in fashion trend of 2011, such as fashion design Corsets by THEIA that combines corsets for women with military fashion trend.

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Unique Womens High Heels 2011 Design by Dean and Dan Caten

DSQUARED2 SKATE MOSS by Dean and Dan Caten 2011

The lovers of high heels would be interest in the new shoes collection that designs by Dean and Dan Caten. Because, that new shoes combine style boot with very unique high heels. Which shaped like ice skating shoes that looks different and really had no rival. The use of high heels design Like ice skating is something we’ve never heard before, so the emergence of this unique womens high heels is certainly very interesting.

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Christmas Fashion Inspiration

Taylor swift red christmas

December has arrived, which means, shortly before Christmas. Why not Spice up loving this month with something red? Keep Reading…

Fashion Into The Office

fashion office

In the office you work definitely required to always look neat and polite. This is certainly not easy for those of you who do not usually dressed for work in the office. But do not worry, some of our designs below will make sense of intellectual styles through the work clothes in a modern touch and minimalist composition of color, but still attractive and dynamic in your work in your office. Keep Reading…

Tommy Hilfiger Clothes Spring-Summer 2012-2013 Collection

Tommy Hilfiger clothes Spring-Summer 2012-2013 collection

Tommy Hilfiger Clothes Spring-Summer 2012-2013 Collection is about Spring-Summer 2012-2013 collection of Tommy Hilfiger clothes. Designer Tommy Hilfiger had just showcased his latest collection for the Spring/Summer 2012-2013. With the theme of ‘American Voyage’, the designer show 45 fashion set by make a style icon of Lauren Hutton and Jackie O as a reference. Like what the collection? Here the Tommy Hilfiger Clothes Spring-Summer 2012-2013 Collection.

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