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New Contemporary Fashion Design by Smoochies Tees

Madison Cover Image by Smoochies Tees

For those of you who you are living in Seattle area you are offered by a new fashion design that comes for the Summer fashion trend 2011. This new Summer fashion trend is presented by Smoochies Tees. That design is super comfy and flexible apparel that you can dress up or dress down and wear daily!

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Travel Clothes Fashion Inspiration from Celebrities

Travel clothes fashion inspiration, celebrities

Travel Clothes Fashion Inspiration from Celebrities is about celebrities as travel clothes fashion inspiration. Convenience is the main thing when you’re traveling by plane, train, or car. But if you still want to look stylish, follow these six celebrities when traveling as travel clothes fashion inspiration:

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Travel Holiday Fashion

square pants holiday

Preparation just before a trip to a place very much needed. When traveling far either for business, holiday or tourist, wear fashionable clothes, but still give effect to the relaxed and comfortable. With the makeup, the travel business, vacation or a tour you will feel more fun.

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How to Wear Jeans as Office Fashion

Jeans with blazer - How to Wear Jeans as Office Fashion

Before you wear jeans as a your office fashion, you should first consider what your. If your  is a banker, obviously not possible to wear jeans as office fashion. But if your profession little more casual, then it would not wrong if once in a while you wear jeans as your office fashion. Wearing womens jeans, then your appearance will become younger, fresh and attractive.

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Gothic Style Fashion Trend: Dressed All In Black

Gothic style fashion trend

Gothic Style Fashion Trend: Dressed all in black is about dressed all in black with gothic style fashion trend. Gothic style was adopted as a fashion trend of the western countries and even most of the world. Some characteristics of the gothic style fashion trend, among others, is a dark, silver accessories, and face with pale makeup that symbolizes the soul that never dies like a vampire but still chic. Hairdo was painted black or bright colors such as blond, red, purple and others. While the makeup was dominated by black and white, with pale white base with kohl, brows, and black lipstick.

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