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How to Wear Jeans as Office Fashion

Jeans with blazer - How to Wear Jeans as Office Fashion

Before you wear jeans as a your office fashion, you should first consider what your. If your  is a banker, obviously not possible to wear jeans as office fashion. But if your profession little more casual, then it would not wrong if once in a while you wear jeans as your office fashion. Wearing womens jeans, then your appearance will become younger, fresh and attractive.

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Red Dress Fashion Tips 2012

Red dress fashion tips 2012

Red Dress Fashion Tips 2012 is about look sexy and pretty with 2012 red dress fashion tips. Not a few women who avoid wearing a red dress fashion. Because, the color red is considered very significant, thus making them less confident wearing a red dress fashion. In fact, as long as knows the red dress fashion tips and how to combine them, the red dress fashion was not to be avoided. Moreover, in view of Chinese, red has their own meaning.

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Choosing Blouse According to Your Body Shape

Deep v-neck - Choosing Blouse According to Your Body Shape

From the first, a blouse is a fashion item of the most preferred by women. Understandably, the blouses can be paired with skirts or pants. But, of course the selection of blouse must be appropriate. For this reason, women are make blouses as a must have item, it is also approved by one of the fashion designer named Lenny Agustin. Currently, style of blouse is very diverse. There are loose, some tight. But that does not mean the selection of blouses could be carelessly. To get the perfect look, the selection of a blouses for women should be adjusted to body shape. Then what kind of blouses for women selection appropriate to your body shape? Follow the fashion tips below:

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Hong Kong Fashion Week 2011 Fall/Winter Miao Ethnic by Mardiana Ika

Butter fly momma by Mardiana Ika

For Hong Kong Fashion Week 2011 for the collection of fall / winter, mid-january 2011 will be followed by a fashion designer Mardiana Ika from Indonesia. The theme presented Mardiana Ika is Butterfly Momma . A brilliant inspiration from the Miao ethnic tradition is like to be paired with a style that has become characteristic of Mardiana Ika has been in the works of his fashion that is rich in art and crafting, mixing and matching some material fashion techniques.

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Underwear, Jewelry Collection of Vladimir Markin

Red lingerie - Jewelry Collection of Vladimir Markin

The new jewelry collection of Vladimir Markin this time seems to be much ogled. Named Underwear, that new jewelry collections from leading jewelry designers and jewelry makers from Russia, offers something different. Imagine, new jewelry collection of jewelry designers Vladimir Markin consists of various items of jewelry made in the form of underwear, such as bras, panties, boxer shorts, a singlet, socks, stockings, and so on. so it looks imaginative and unique jewelry.

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