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New Men’s Motorcycle Boots Design by Ralph Lauren

New Men's Motorcycle Boots Design by Ralph Lauren

Riding with motorcycle course is very exciting, but do not forget to always ride safely by using the equipment required when riding a motorcycle such as: motorcycle helmets, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle gloves, and motorcycle boots.

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Street Fashion Style of Southern California

black boot

What we worry about what happens on the streets of Los Angeles to see the season’s hottest trends is gone after we found some street style fashion users here. They are very clever in combining what is in their wardrobe like High-waisted shorts, breezy blouses, sick shades, and an occasional super-high heel.

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9.6 Million USD for Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe dress

Marilyn Monroe - 9.6 Million USD for Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe dress

Whenever remember the legendary world celebrity of 1960s, Marilyn Monroe, has always remembered the style of the famous pose with her subway fashion exposed like the windblown, please see this 9,6 Million USD for Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe dress to find out. When auction, the legendary Marilyn Monroe dress was sold at high prices, reaching 5 million U.S. Dollars! Proceeds from sale that was fantastic. In addition to the Marilyn Monroe dress, Audrey Hepburn Dress was also auctioned.

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Moslem clothing by Dian Pelangi Touched Australia at Burswood Expo

moslem clothing design by Dian Pelangi

Moslem clothing not only get the market in countries known as the Moslem population like Malaysia, Brunei, the Middle East but Moslem clothing also very popular in Australia. This is evidenced by the design of fashion designer Dian Pelangi in Burswood Expo recently. Moslem clothing by Dian Pelangi taking inspiration material Indonesia locations, great demand by people who visited the event.

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Women Fashion Trend 2011 with One Shoulder Clothing

Heidi Klum wear one shoulder clothing

The best of the woman body part to exposed is often the legs and breast, because they are the part of sexy from a woman. But actually there is one more part of the woman who is no less sexy and need to be exposed, it is the shoulder. In addition to a very sexy backless dress for your wear as a fashion trend in 2011 there were also trends that expose your shoulders, namely one shoulder clothing.

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