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Mini Dress Fashion Tips

Mini dress fashion tips

Mini Dress Fashion Tips is about fashion tips of mini dress. In addition to showing off your beautiful legs, mini dress or short skirts can be worn on different occasions. Ranging from formal events to hang-out with friends. But there are a few tips to keep in mind before wear a mini dress. Mini Dress Fashion Tips.

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Best Fashion Design 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Best fashion design 2012 Olympic opening ceremony

Best Fashion Design 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony is about 2012 Olympic opening ceremony best fashion design. The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games which took place on Friday night so captivated the world. Apart from the terms of the concept of the show, the costumes worn by the athletes from various countries were be the main attraction. Here the Best Fashion Design 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

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Stuart Weitzman Shoes Design Collaborate with Celebrities

Stuart Weitzman shoes design, celebrities

Stuart Weitzman Shoes Design Collaborate with Celebrities is about celebrities that designed Stuart Weitzman shoes design. Stuart Weitzman, shoes designer who is very famous among the celebrities, launching a new shoes collection. This Stuart Weitzman shoes design is collaborate with the celebrities. Among them is Michelle Trachtenberg, Olivia Palermo, Scarlett Johansson, and Hayden Panettiere. Each celebrity is involved in this collaboration, each designing shoes with Stuart Weitzman for put in a collection of Stuart Weitzman shoes design, named Young Hollywood Cares Collection.

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Skirt Fashion Trend: Diverse Style of Women Skirt Trend

Skirt fashion trend, women skirt trend

Skirt Fashion Trend: Diverse Style of Women Skirt Trend is about diverse style of women skirt fashion trend. Skirt fashion trend, is essentially a part of the dress, which is used started to the waist to down, with varying lengths. Once, dress is always made with certain pieces, so it looks blend with the top. Based on that skirt is made, and with the same reason every skirt fashion trend model has the most suitable tops. But, as the development of fashion and others aesthetic needs, now skirt fashion trend models is more diverse. Based on the length of skirts, skirt fashion trend can be divided into six, namely:

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Fashion Into The Office

fashion office

In the office you work definitely required to always look neat and polite. This is certainly not easy for those of you who do not usually dressed for work in the office. But do not worry, some of our designs below will make sense of intellectual styles through the work clothes in a modern touch and minimalist composition of color, but still attractive and dynamic in your work in your office. Keep Reading…

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