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New Fashion Design From Daughter of Former Beatles Member

blue colors trend 2011 by Stella McCartney

She is a daughter of former members of famous bands until now is The Beatles-Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney. Stella McCartney is a fashion designer from the UK, since little Stella McCartney likes fashion design, and aspire to be a fashion designer. And Now Stella McCartney has also succeeded in realizing her aspiration. Not left behind from the other fashion designer, in this 2011 Stella was also released a new fashion collection for spring. What are the Stella McCartney collections in Spring 2011? please read on to find out more.

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I can See Through Your Body If You Sheer Clothing Fashion Trend

fashion trend 2011 with see through clothing trend

The point of the title above does not mean I could see the body completely, but if you wear sheer clothing you will give the impression of mystery and curiosity for the viewer. In addition, by wear sheer clothing will give the impression section. Because of that, sheer clothing trend is still the hottest trends for fashion trends 2011. But in fashion trends 2011 sheer clothing are used in various ways. What is that?

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Maxi Dress Trend for Summer Fashion Trend 2011

Animal print maxi dress - Maxi Dress Trend for Summer Fashion Trend 2011

Maxi dress re-favored in the Summer. Understandably, the maxi dress is usually made from lightweight, comfortable to wear and girly. Then how to wear a maxi dress in a chic and when the time is right to wear it?

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Men Fashion Bad mistake to Avoid

Men Fashion Bad mistake to Avoid
Men do tend to not want to bothered with the style of clothes. But, lest you too cool, because there are many fashion mistakes that you really have to avoid, man! Check these Men Fashion Bad mistake to Avoid

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The Japan Fashion-Sailor Style, as a New Summer Fashion Trend

Sailor dress uniform - The Japan Fashion-Sailor Style, as a New Summer Fashion Trend

At anywhere in the world, there are typical in the fashion, like Japan fashion which have sailor uniform or so-called sailor style, or English with a blend sweater or vest with collared shirt. Sailor Seifuku, that the name of this Japan fashion, which is the term for uniform with nuanced sailor uniforms in Japan. Now not only be a sailor style uniforms for their studies but also become a pop culture icon in Japan.

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