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Combination of White Blouse Trend in 2011

Combination of white blouse trend in 2011

Do not underestimate a plain white blouse! With various right combinations, a white blouse can be wear to different occasions. So it is not wrong if the white blouse is included in the must haves. Here are the combination that can inspire you to fashion trends 2011.

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Fashion Beauty Rules 2012 For New Fashion Design 2012

Fashion beauty rules 2012, new fashion design 2012

Fashion Beauty Rules 2012 is about the new fashion beauty rules 2012 for fashion design 2012. Less or more? Here are some options as fashion beauty rules 2012. First is the makeup look with fresh look and healthy for the wholesome appeal. And the second is characterized by dark makeup also aggressively to stimulate your sex appeal and personality.

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Black Blazer for the Ladies

Black blazer white jeans

This street fashion lovers know how to attract the attention of people around him, with her style of dress that combines t-shirt with a black blazer. Street fashion lovers this looks neat but still relaxed and comfortable. For you lovers of street fashion, it can be used as a reference if you want to be different you could combine the t-shirt with a black blazer.

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Maria Sharapova, Fashion World and Tennis

Maria Sharapova fashion world, tennis

Maria Sharapova, Fashion World and Tennis is about fashion world and tennis of Maria Sharapova. There are many reasons why Maria Sharapova still smiling. First, the overall her rank is just now rising to the second rank of WTA. Maria Sharapova overtake the Czech Republic tennis player, Petra Kvitova. second reason, Maria Sharapova is now able to uphold her commitment to divide their time between tennis with another hobby: fashion world.

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New Design of Leather Belts for Women and Men 2011 Fashion Trend

Black beetle canvas belts - New Design of Leather Belts for Women and Men 2011 Fashion Trend

Since the first belts is a fashion item that can not be separated from everyone, both men and women. As in any other fashion accessory, the mens belts and belts for women was always changes, follow the development of fashion trend. And lately, belts for women that much-loved by women is a skinny belt. Skinny belt able to attract the attention of fashion lover because of the unique and fit combined with the current fashion trend. However, Don’t forget the leather belts, from the beginning until now, leather belts is a belts are the most popular by fashion lover around the world. Although the classic, but leather belts still attractive, moreover right now there are new designs of leather belts for men and womens leather belts for fashion trends 2011.

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