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Lacoste Shoes 2012 Collection, Sporty-Feminine

Lacoste shoes 2012 collection

Lacoste Shoes 2012 Collection, Sporty-Feminin is about sporty and feminine of Lacoste shoes 2012 collection. Lacoste issued latest collection for Lacoste shoes 2012 Spring Summer 2012. This French fashion brand identical with sporty style. But this time, Lacoste presented element of feminine and elegant but practical to worn for women shoes collection.

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Travel Clothes Fashion Inspiration from Celebrities

Travel clothes fashion inspiration, celebrities

Travel Clothes Fashion Inspiration from Celebrities is about celebrities as travel clothes fashion inspiration. Convenience is the main thing when you’re traveling by plane, train, or car. But if you still want to look stylish, follow these six celebrities when traveling as travel clothes fashion inspiration:

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Celebrity Dresses Style For Your Inspiration

Celebrity dresses style for your inspiration

Celebrity Dresses Style For Your Inspiration is about fashion inspiration from celebrity dresses style. Celebrities sometimes become fashion icon that often emulated by their fans. Any clothing worn by famous celebrities, it will always become spotlight of the fashion lovers, especially those who want to look celebrity style. As a recommendation, here are 4 celebrity dresses style for your inspiration:

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Gothic Style Fashion Trend: Dressed All In Black

Gothic style fashion trend

Gothic Style Fashion Trend: Dressed all in black is about dressed all in black with gothic style fashion trend. Gothic style was adopted as a fashion trend of the western countries and even most of the world. Some characteristics of the gothic style fashion trend, among others, is a dark, silver accessories, and face with pale makeup that symbolizes the soul that never dies like a vampire but still chic. Hairdo was painted black or bright colors such as blond, red, purple and others. While the makeup was dominated by black and white, with pale white base with kohl, brows, and black lipstick.

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Pink Jeans Trend of Celebrities

Gwen Stefani pink jeans trend of celebrities

Pink Jeans Trend of Celebrities is about celebrities pink jeans trend. Jeans with bright colors is becoming a trend in 2012. But there is one color that is so favored by the lovers of fashion, especially celebrities. Even Kate Middleton joined to wear it. The color is pink. Here the Pink Jeans Trend of Celebrities.

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