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Flower Garden Fashion Design by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

floral pattern maxi dress by D&G

Dolce and Gabbana which is also known as D&G brand has always specialized them in a fashion trend that raised new themes and eventually become a new fashion trend favored by lovers of fashion in the world. But D&G did not rule out also for pick-up again a popular fashion trend and combine it with their own trends. As the latest collection of fashion designer Dolce and Gabbana-D&G Spring / Summer 2011.

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Fashion Trend of 2011 With New Design of Accentuated Shoulders

celebrity blake lively wear accentuated shoulders trend

Perhaps for those of you fashion lovers was familiar with accentuated shoulders, because accentuated shoulders is a trend from the past that 80-year and now comes back as a trend in 2011. In the fashion trend of 80s accentuated shoulders is a big shoulder pads, but in the fashion trends of 2011 now accentuated shoulders made more structured and more beautiful.

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Animal Print Bag, The Elegant Animal Skin Design

Animal print bag, the elegant animal skin design

Animal Print Bag, The Elegant Animal Skin Design is about the elegant designs by several designers of animal skin print bag. Bag is one important fashion item that can support the appearance. Item that can be taken anywhere it’s also much favored by women. Not a few of them are used to collect the bags. Now, more and more bags are designed with animal skin pattern. In addition to representing the feminine touch, it also gives the impression of elegance. Let’s look at a collection of animal skin patterned bag by some famous brand. Here the Animal Print Bag, The Elegant Animal Skin Design.

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Paisley Pattern as New Fashion Design Trend 2012

Paisley Pattern new fashion design trend 2012

Paisley Pattern as New Fashion Design Trend 2012 is about new fashion design trend 2012 with paisley pattern. Paisley pattern has a shape resembling a teardrop with a wavy edge with another motif scratches in it. Not less famous fashion designers who apply the paisley pattern in their new fashion design trend 2012. So it is with celebrities who ‘went along’ use of this motif. Here the paisley pattern as new fashion design trend 2012.

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Fashion Design Collection of Just Cavalli for Fall Trend 2011

red color trend by fashion design Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli is a company in the field of fashion design with various collections of attractive and dynamic clothes. Just Cavalli is a company of a famous fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. Just Cavalli always presenting the latest trends every year for fashion lovers in the world. And this time in the fall of 2011, collections from the Just Cavalli presents a variety of fashion and style. Please continue reading this article, and hopefully Just Cavalli clothing can be your fashion style reference.

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