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Flounce Mini Skirt as New Fashion Trend of Women in 2011

Flounce mini skirt as new fashion trend of women in 2011

Many fashion observers who judged that the days when many women wear a long skirts for women has passed. The assessment like that does not seem wrong. In big cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Paris and London, the view of women passing by in long skirts for women or long dress is easing with the arrival of spring this year. Both the length to the ankle or just below the knee.

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Replace Your Clothes With Lingerie as Outwear

Lingerie fashion outwear

Lingerie generally worn as underwear, and lingerie are usually used only in the house, not to travel. But lingerie was also able to be used during daily life, depending on how we are clever in combining lingerie. Keep Reading…

Appropriate Haircut with The Shape of Face

Long wavy curly hairstyles - Appropriate Haircut with The Shape of Face

Many women who choose the haircut accordance with the newest hair trends. In fact, the newest hair trends is not necessarily suitable for everyone. That’s because face shape of each person is not the same, so it does not always match with that newest hair trends. To get the perfect look, style of haircut should be adjusted to the shape of face. Here are some style of hair that is suitable for round and oval face.

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Trendy Maternity Clothes 2012

Trendy maternity clothes 2012

Trendy Maternity Clothes 2012 is about look fashionable with trendy maternity clothes 2012. Physical changes during pregnancy make a woman have to do the transformation of fashion. Many women find it difficult to find clothes that comfortable but still stylish during pregnancy. Though comfortable clothing for pregnant women is needed to support their activities in the workplace. Here are several fashion of trendy maternity clothes 2012:

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Beckham was Wrong Pinned a OBE Medal at Royal Wedding

A perfect couple, David Beckham and Victoria - Beckham was Wrong Pinned a OBE Medal at Royal Wedding

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham had the honor of an invitation to attend the Royal Wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton, last week. Wearing a dark suit, the couple of footballer and supermodel looks harmonious and perfect. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham is one of the many guests who were invited by the United Kingdom to attend the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Church of Westminster Abbey, London.

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