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New Fashion Design of Leather Jacket by Gerasimos

black Gerasimos leather jacket

Leather jacket which is a type of clothing, and as the name implies, this jacket is made of leather. And now a leather jacket has become a trend, that popularity is increasing from year to year. Leather jacket become more popular because leather jacket worn by a few different versions, for example, the most common leather jacket is very closely related to the biker, other than that there are military, rock stars and others. If in the previous trend common leather jacket is black, then in 2011 this trend is more varied choice of colors ranging from brown, gray, even light colors are also present in the leather jacket trend of 2011.

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2012 Fashion Trend with Several Fashion Themes

2012 fashion trend, fashion themes

2012 Fashion Trend with Several Fashion Themes is about fashion themes in 2012 fashion trend. Entering 2012, the fashion designer began to issue their design that is expected to become the new fashion trend. Although each of the fashion designer brings different styles, but basically they are oriented on fashion trend which prevailing in the countries of the fashion centers world, such as Paris, Italy, and so on. With emphasis on comfort, relaxed atmosphere, casual, and colorful, it will be transformed into 2012 fashion trend with several fashion themes.

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New Military Trend Design in 2011 with Classic Stripes

New Military Trend Design in 2011 with classic Stripes

Military fashion trend is strongly influenced by the style of the army and air force style. As the military trend in the spring of 2011, we tried to create a new style, that is New Military Trend Design in 2011 with classic Stripes. But that does not mean forgetting all about the old military style. Just the opposite, in  this 2011 was used as the dominant stripes are classic navy and white color palette.

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Cardigans, for Christmas Fashion Men

black lines cardigans

For Christmas and new year, new-looking tendency usually ranging from clothes, shoes, until a larger accessory. For that, I wonder if fashion product before Christmas and new year become the first choice, other than basic necessities.

For menswear, usually they offer suit complete with shirt, jacket and tie. But most people use jacket less desirable because it looks too formal. Keep Reading…

Newest Hair Trends for The Owner of Square Face

Keira Knightley front layer haircut - Newest Hair Trends for The Owner of Square face

Square face is marked with prominent jaw bones like those of Keira Knightlely. Between the straight forehead, cheekbones, and jaw bone so that the face looks square. This face type will be more in line with the front layered haircut to frame the face, or can also choose a soft wavy newest hair trends to cover the jaw.

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