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Fashion Beauty Rules 2012 For New Fashion Design 2012

Fashion beauty rules 2012, new fashion design 2012

Fashion Beauty Rules 2012 is about the new fashion beauty rules 2012 for fashion design 2012. Less or more? Here are some options as fashion beauty rules 2012. First is the makeup look with fresh look and healthy for the wholesome appeal. And the second is characterized by dark makeup also aggressively to stimulate your sex appeal and personality.

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Bebe Dresses of Wedding Gowns by Rami Kashou

Bebe dresses of wedding gowns Rami Kashou

Bebe Dresses of Wedding Gowns by Rami Kashou is about wedding gowns of Bebe dresses by Rami Kashou. Fashion brand known for the style that seductive sexy and follows the latest trends, Bebe, expanded their business. If during this time, Bebe always presented a collection of evening gowns, casual dresses, sporty look up to the fashion office, now they also launched a collection of wedding gowns. Here the Bebe dresses of wedding gowns by Rami Kashou.

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Anna Dello Russo and H&M Accessories

Anna Dello Russo H&M accessories

Anna Dello Russo and H&M Accessories is about H&M accessories by Anna Dello Russo. Japanese Vogue fashion editor, Anna Dello Russo is known in the fashion world because of the eccentric style of dress. Anna Dello Russo always wore a dress exactly like her appearance on the stage runway. Here the Anna Dello Russo and H&M Accessories.

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Change of Function Spectacles, as Fashion Trend in 2011

spectacles as fashion trend of 2011

Spectacles or commonly known as glasses, eyeglasses, or goggles are an accessory that is used to improve someone vision or as eye protection from flying dust. Spectacles is also useful to protect our eyes from the light is too bright. Spectacles for some people is a must because they have a slight problem with the view. But in 2011, spectacles have another function that is as a fashion trend.

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Maxi Dress Trend for Summer Fashion Trend 2011

Animal print maxi dress - Maxi Dress Trend for Summer Fashion Trend 2011

Maxi dress re-favored in the Summer. Understandably, the maxi dress is usually made from lightweight, comfortable to wear and girly. Then how to wear a maxi dress in a chic and when the time is right to wear it?

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