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Maxi Dress Trend for Summer Fashion Trend 2011

Animal print maxi dress - Maxi Dress Trend for Summer Fashion Trend 2011

Maxi dress re-favored in the Summer. Understandably, the maxi dress is usually made from lightweight, comfortable to wear and girly. Then how to wear a maxi dress in a chic and when the time is right to wear it?

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Mix and Match

mix n match

This woman looks very beautiful but does not look feminine. That’s because the style of street fashion that she was wearing. By mixing a lot of trends like fur, denim on her clothes, the military on her shoes, she can still look stylish. With a street fashion style like this you certainly will be the center of attention.

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Hermes Bag New Collection: Kelly Picnic Bag

Hermes bag new collection, Kelly picnic bag

Hermes Bag New Collection: Kelly Picnic Bag is about Kelly Picnic Bag as Hermes bag new collection. A fashionista course will always look stylist in a variety of occasions, including during holidays. Well, to complement your holiday event, the French fashion house, Hermes, issued a picnic bags are fashionable. This Hermes bag new collection is named Kelly Picnic Bag. Hermes guarantee the fashionista will not be disappointed buying this Hermes bag new collection: Kelly Picnic Bag, as new picnic bags are indeed highly qualified.

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Asian Ethnic Become World Fashion Strength from Hong Kong Fashion Week 2011

hong kong fashion week 2011 asian strengh style

Seeing the development of Asian regional-style fashion, through Hong Kong Fashion Week,  always interesting. Watching how Asia has grown to become ’tiger fashion’ especially in terms of industry and power distribution all over the world.

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Louis Vuitton Fashion Trend 2012, Hunt It in Paris

Louis Vuitton fashion trend 2012, Paris

Louis Vuitton Fashion Trend 2012, Hunt It in Paris is about hunting products of Louis Vuitton fashion trend 2012 in Paris. Apart from being a center of fashion world, Paris is also known as a shopping paradise for fashionistas. Many branded products in that French capital is sought after by fashionistas from all over the world. Guaranteed, the products are original because the French government is very anti-piracy. They really appreciate the patent.

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