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Transformation of Kate Middleton Dress

Kate Middleton with a beautiful hat - Transformation of Kate Middleton Dress

Long time ago until now, of course many changes from Kate Middleton. Included in this dressed. Opaque tights or boots that used to wear while still in college, now replaced with a blazer and navy blue skirt and matching court shoes. This is the transformation of the Kate Middleton style since 2002 until now. Please continue reading this article to find out more about Kate Middleton fashion, and hopefully can inspire those of you who like Kate Middleton fashion.

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Christmas Fashion Inspiration

Taylor swift red christmas

December has arrived, which means, shortly before Christmas. Why not Spice up loving this month with something red? Keep Reading…

2011 Women Hair Styles Trend with Double Hair Knot

double knot hair behind look 2011 Women Hair Styles Trend with Double Hair Knot

Year 2011 is actually the beginning of the rise of a new decade, but fashion trends 2011 is a modern style and still take some of the most prominent styles of the 20th century. By combining the two you will get a core of the fashion trend of 2011, as well as 2011 hair style.

2011 Hair style trends are not much different from the previous year. By taking the best of the year 2010, and then modified by cutting a more perfect would be a trend in 2011 like 2011 Women Hair Styles Trend with Double Hair Knot.

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Combination of White Blouse Trend in 2011

Combination of white blouse trend in 2011

Do not underestimate a plain white blouse! With various right combinations, a white blouse can be wear to different occasions. So it is not wrong if the white blouse is included in the must haves. Here are the combination that can inspire you to fashion trends 2011.

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Fashion Winter 2011 with Collection by Burberry Emma Watson

Fashion Winter 2011 with collection by Burberry Emma Watson

Do you want to still stylish in the winter? Just try a collection by Burberry Emma Watson to pass through winter season in 2011. Guaranteed your look will still cool and very stylish with Fashion Winter 2011 collection by Burberry with Emma Watson.

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