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New Fashion Design of Leather Jacket by Gerasimos

black Gerasimos leather jacket

Leather jacket which is a type of clothing, and as the name implies, this jacket is made of leather. And now a leather jacket has become a trend, that popularity is increasing from year to year. Leather jacket become more popular because leather jacket worn by a few different versions, for example, the most common leather jacket is very closely related to the biker, other than that there are military, rock stars and others. If in the previous trend common leather jacket is black, then in 2011 this trend is more varied choice of colors ranging from brown, gray, even light colors are also present in the leather jacket trend of 2011.

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Best Fashion Design 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Best fashion design 2012 Olympic opening ceremony

Best Fashion Design 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony is about 2012 Olympic opening ceremony best fashion design. The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games which took place on Friday night so captivated the world. Apart from the terms of the concept of the show, the costumes worn by the athletes from various countries were be the main attraction. Here the Best Fashion Design 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

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Summer Fashion 2013 Jeans Trend

Summer fashion 2013 jeans trend, bright color

Summer Fashion 2013 Jeans Trend is about jeans trend Summer fashion 2013. Convenience is the main reason when someone wearing jeans. Interestingly, in recent years jeans are no longer present in color palette of indigo or dark, especially for Summer fashion 2013. Here the Summer Fashion 2013 Jeans Trend.

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Unique Womens High Heels 2011 Design by Dean and Dan Caten

DSQUARED2 SKATE MOSS by Dean and Dan Caten 2011

The lovers of high heels would be interest in the new shoes collection that designs by Dean and Dan Caten. Because, that new shoes combine style boot with very unique high heels. Which shaped like ice skating shoes that looks different and really had no rival. The use of high heels design Like ice skating is something we’ve never heard before, so the emergence of this unique womens high heels is certainly very interesting.

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The Most Stylish Kids of Celebrities 2012-2013

The most stylish kids of celebrities 2012-2013

The Most Stylish Kids of Celebrities 2012-2013 is about celebrities kids who considered as the most stylish kids in 2012-2013. Having a celebrity parent, who are good at arranging styles in dress, making these children infected by the cool appearance. Here The Most Stylish Kids of Celebrities 2012-2013 according to a poll made by the UK’s leading baby products, My1stYear.

1. Harper Seven Beckham
From birth, Harper Seven Beckham is already frequently applied designer clothes by their parents. The little girl who had just celebrated her first birthday on July 10 and was ever caught on camera wearing designs from Stella McCartney, Makie up to Bonpoint.

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