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Citrus Colors, to Make Your Fashion Fresh

Citrus color

Wearing a dress with orange or yellow color is a bit strange, because the color is striking, especially when worn in the daytime. But there are some tricks to make it more fashionable colors and easy to wear.

Citrus colors like orange, lemon yellow and soft marigold make your display look bright and fresh. Wear this color when the mood was too late, tired or listless. Keep Reading…

New Contemporary Fashion Design by Smoochies Tees

Madison Cover Image by Smoochies Tees

For those of you who you are living in Seattle area you are offered by a new fashion design that comes for the Summer fashion trend 2011. This new Summer fashion trend is presented by Smoochies Tees. That design is super comfy and flexible apparel that you can dress up or dress down and wear daily!

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Johnny Depp Style, Fashion Icon of The Year

Johnny Depp style fashion icon of the year

Johnny Depp Style, Fashion Icon of The Year is about fashion icon of the year is the Johnny Depp style. Actor Johnny Depp has just had new achievements outside acting. Depp was chosen by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), as a fashion icon of the year. Here the Johnny Depp style, fashion icon of the year.

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Choosing Blouse According to Your Body Shape

Deep v-neck - Choosing Blouse According to Your Body Shape

From the first, a blouse is a fashion item of the most preferred by women. Understandably, the blouses can be paired with skirts or pants. But, of course the selection of blouse must be appropriate. For this reason, women are make blouses as a must have item, it is also approved by one of the fashion designer named Lenny Agustin. Currently, style of blouse is very diverse. There are loose, some tight. But that does not mean the selection of blouses could be carelessly. To get the perfect look, the selection of a blouses for women should be adjusted to body shape. Then what kind of blouses for women selection appropriate to your body shape? Follow the fashion tips below:

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Indian Saree Fabric Fashion Design as Your New Fashion Trend

Indian Saree fabric, new fashion trend

Indian Saree Fabric Fashion Design as Your New Fashion Trend is about new fashion trend with Indian Saree fabric fashion design. The beauty of Indian Saree fabric are not in doubt. No wonder that many women are attracted to wear Indian Saree fabric. Not only Indians, but also women in general. Indian Saree fabric is already worldwide, and can be worn to attend an event that is formal and to the party. Generally, Indian Saree fabric is made of organza material and rawsilk, but some are made of cotton. These materials make the Indian Saree fabric looks stiff.

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