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Style of New Tuxedo as Women Fashion Trend of 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow with tuxedo trend

Tuxedo is a semi-formal clothing is usually worn by men. The word tuxedo is usually better known in the United States and in several other areas, tuxedo also known as the dinner jacket. Tuxedo usually black, but in the development of fashion tuxedo consists of several colors. Tuxedo that is usually worn by the men by a fashion designer turned into a fashion trend of women in 2011. So how do the women wear them?

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New Fashion Design of Leather Harness for Women

Leather harness combined with maxi dress - New Fashion Design of Leather Harness for Women

Harness is an item that we usually find on pets such as dogs, cats, horses and other animals. Harness is also a tool of construction workers as a tool for safety. Harness is also often applied to the toddler for toddlers is easier to carry. But if we talk about fashion that is currently growing, then the harness was also included one item that comes into the world of fashion, especially the leather harness. Leather harness developed into a fashion trend for women in this 2011. Many variations of leather harness that can inspire you by reading this article.

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New Fashion Design of Fur Become Fashion Trend in 2011

new coats trend in 2011 with fur

Fur on clothing is a fur from animals which sheared and then formed into a clothing. Fur clothing trend is a trend which is usually worn in the winter, except because fur can warmed our body, fur also gives the impression of luxury in us. Fur trends on the fashion trend of 2011 there were everywhere ranging from hats to dress full of fur. But the fur jackets and fur coats are still a dominant from trend of fur in the fashion trend of 2011.

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Jay Park Hair Style at Seoul Fashion Week

Jay Park hair style

Jay Park Hair Style at Seoul Fashion Week is about Seoul Fashion Week 2012 and Jay Park hair style. Appear in public become an effective arena to showcase new styles of the celebrities. Jay Park is one of the celebrities who show off a new hair looks while attending Seoul Fashion Week 2012. Here the Jay Park hair style at Seoul Fashion Week 2012.

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Zooey Deschanel Style Fashion

Zooey Deschanel style fashion

Zooey Deschanel Style Fashion is about fashion of Zooey Deschanel style. Zooey Deschanel first got attention when her appearance in the film 500 Days of Summer. Zooey Deschanel style that are girly and retro is able to attract the hearts of many people. Zooey Deschanel style now emerged as one of the fashion icon that stole many attention. Here the Zooey Deschanel style fashion.

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