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Unique Womens High Heels 2011 Design by Dean and Dan Caten

DSQUARED2 SKATE MOSS by Dean and Dan Caten 2011

The lovers of high heels would be interest in the new shoes collection that designs by Dean and Dan Caten. Because, that new shoes combine style boot with very unique high heels. Which shaped like ice skating shoes that looks different and really had no rival. The use of high heels design Like ice skating is something we’ve never heard before, so the emergence of this unique womens high heels is certainly very interesting.

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Style of New Tuxedo as Women Fashion Trend of 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow with tuxedo trend

Tuxedo is a semi-formal clothing is usually worn by men. The word tuxedo is usually better known in the United States and in several other areas, tuxedo also known as the dinner jacket. Tuxedo usually black, but in the development of fashion tuxedo consists of several colors. Tuxedo that is usually worn by the men by a fashion designer turned into a fashion trend of women in 2011. So how do the women wear them?

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Design of White Legging as New Women’s Fashion Trend

Design of White Legging as New Women's Fashion Trend
If there is an objection of White Legging is usually caused by because we wanted to look pretty timeless. So better we try White Legging because if we do it right, it is a refreshing change from the dark color. So for the spring 2011 we challenged you to wear a White Legging.

Suri Cruise Fashion, Little Hollywood Fashion Icon

Suri Cruise fashion little Hollywood fashion icon

Suri Cruise Fashion, Little Hollywood Fashion Icon is about little fashion icon is Suri Cruise fashion. For the world fashionista, who are not familiar with a five-year-old Suri Cruise that is fond of wearing branded clothes? Yes, the daughter of celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was even crowned as the ‘little fashion icon’ of a number of international media. Suri Cruise was born in St. Petersburg. John’s Health Center hospital, Santa Monica, USA, at 3:26 o’clock in the morning, 18 April 2006.

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Winter Fashion Trend 2012 with New Sweater Design

Winter fashion trend 2012 with new sweater design

Winter Fashion Trend 2012 with New Sweater Design is about new sweater design for Winter fashion trend 2012. At the first, sweater just had a function as body warmer. But now, sweater become one of the most hunted fashion item by fashion lover because the modification of the fashion designers. Here the Winter Fashion Trend 2012 with New Sweater Design.

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