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Maxi Dress 2011 as New Summer Fashion Trend

maxi dress floral pattern

While welcoming spring and summer of course you will start thinking about what clothes you will wear both during the day or night. There are so many fashion trends that could be your choice in 2011. However, not all fashion trends 2011 match with you, however is not wrong if you would try what a trend that matches for you in the spring and summer of 2011. But if you want a fashion trend that is always stable in each year you can wear maxi dress. Maxi dress is a trend which is very comfortable for you wear both during the day or night.

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Mulberry Bags, Inspired from Lana Del Rey

Mulberry bags Lana Del Rey

Mulberry Bags, Inspired from Lana Del Rey is about Lana Del Rey who become the inspiration of Mulberry bags. Lana Del Rey is an American singer who is on the rise. Not only in music, but also in the fashion world. Even, the exclusive brand Mulberry has reportedly released a collection of Mulberry bags of with the name “Del Rey”.

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Underwear, Jewelry Collection of Vladimir Markin

Red lingerie - Jewelry Collection of Vladimir Markin

The new jewelry collection of Vladimir Markin this time seems to be much ogled. Named Underwear, that new jewelry collections from leading jewelry designers and jewelry makers from Russia, offers something different. Imagine, new jewelry collection of jewelry designers Vladimir Markin consists of various items of jewelry made in the form of underwear, such as bras, panties, boxer shorts, a singlet, socks, stockings, and so on. so it looks imaginative and unique jewelry.

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Replace Your Clothes With Lingerie as Outwear

Lingerie fashion outwear

Lingerie generally worn as underwear, and lingerie are usually used only in the house, not to travel. But lingerie was also able to be used during daily life, depending on how we are clever in combining lingerie. Keep Reading…

2011 Trends Men Fashion Style

men style 2011

2011 has come, a new style of fashion trends will be coming to the men. There are five references who will be the trend in 2011. Here 2011 Trends Men Fashion Style

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