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Combination of White Blouse Trend in 2011

Combination of white blouse trend in 2011

Do not underestimate a plain white blouse! With various right combinations, a white blouse can be wear to different occasions. So it is not wrong if the white blouse is included in the must haves. Here are the combination that can inspire you to fashion trends 2011.

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2011 Trends Women Fashion Style

skinny belt combined with dress
2011 has arrived, a new style fashion trends would come to the women all around the world. There are five references for the women around the world that will be the trend in 2011. After 2011 Trends Men Fashion Style, now time to 2011 Trends Women Fashion Style.

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Stella McCartney Dresses which a Favorite of Celebrities

Stella McCartney dresses of celebrities

Stella McCartney Dresses which a Favorite of Celebrities is about celebrities that wore the favorite Stella McCartney Dresses. It seems that 2012 is the year’s Stella McCartney. Once selected to design the Olympic uniform, Stella McCartney dresses collection was a favorite among fashionistas and top celebrities. Here the celebrities that wore Stella McCartney dresses:

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Street Fashion Style of Southern California

black boot

What we worry about what happens on the streets of Los Angeles to see the season’s hottest trends is gone after we found some street style fashion users here. They are very clever in combining what is in their wardrobe like High-waisted shorts, breezy blouses, sick shades, and an occasional super-high heel.

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Braided Topknot, Women New Hair Trend in 2011

Braided Topknot, Women New Hair Trend in 2011

This is not a statement to say that the hair trend lately is the braided hair, but in 2010 with a side braid trend has grown and can be imagination to the future. The current fashion lovers looking for another variation of the theme of braided hair, in addition to double hair knots there is another variation which gives us the sense of a larger trend that is braided topknot.

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