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Victoria Beckham, Fashion Designer Who Won British Fashion Awards

Victoria Beckham, fashion designer, British Fashion Awards

Victoria Beckham, Fashion Designer Who Won British Fashion Awards is about British Fashion Awards was won by fashion designer Victoria Beckham. Fashion designer Victoria Beckham has just selected as the best fashion designer at the British Fashion Awards, held in London 29th November 2011. No half-hearted, former of Spice Girls singer, fashion designer Victoria Beckham, beating famous names in fashion such as Stella McCartney, Burberry, and former director of Gucci and YSL, Tom Ford. Achievement of fashion designer Victoria Beckham who 37-year-old newly been in the fashion world not until five years ago is certainly an amazing achievement.

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Mens Shoes Trend 2012 with Urban Camel Active

Mens shoes trend 2012, Camel Active

Mens Shoes Trend 2012 with Urban Camel Active is about Urban Camel Active as mens shoes trend 2012. Look trendy in this modern era not only belong to women alone, but also the men who want to look dapper in every opportunity. If you are men who want to look trendy with your shoes, you have to read this mens shoes trend 2012 with Urban Camel Active.

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Change of Function Spectacles, as Fashion Trend in 2011

spectacles as fashion trend of 2011

Spectacles or commonly known as glasses, eyeglasses, or goggles are an accessory that is used to improve someone vision or as eye protection from flying dust. Spectacles is also useful to protect our eyes from the light is too bright. Spectacles for some people is a must because they have a slight problem with the view. But in 2011, spectacles have another function that is as a fashion trend.

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Flower Garden Fashion Design by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

floral pattern maxi dress by D&G

Dolce and Gabbana which is also known as D&G brand has always specialized them in a fashion trend that raised new themes and eventually become a new fashion trend favored by lovers of fashion in the world. But D&G did not rule out also for pick-up again a popular fashion trend and combine it with their own trends. As the latest collection of fashion designer Dolce and Gabbana-D&G Spring / Summer 2011.

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Moslem clothing by Dian Pelangi Touched Australia at Burswood Expo

moslem clothing design by Dian Pelangi

Moslem clothing not only get the market in countries known as the Moslem population like Malaysia, Brunei, the Middle East but Moslem clothing also very popular in Australia. This is evidenced by the design of fashion designer Dian Pelangi in Burswood Expo recently. Moslem clothing by Dian Pelangi taking inspiration material Indonesia locations, great demand by people who visited the event.

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