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Women Accessories Trends with Purse-Necklace

Anna Castro with purse-necklace Berska - Women Accessories Trends with Purse-Necklace

Purse especially  womens purse is certainly very important for women. Whether as a place to carry money and other small items, as well as accessories to enhance the appearance. No wonder if anywhere to go, the women used to take this one accessory. Even now, purse especially womens purse are not only accessories to carry, or grip. But, now available a purse especially  womens purse that can also be used as a replacement of necklace, it’s a purse-necklace.

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Transformation of Kate Middleton Dress

Kate Middleton with a beautiful hat - Transformation of Kate Middleton Dress

Long time ago until now, of course many changes from Kate Middleton. Included in this dressed. Opaque tights or boots that used to wear while still in college, now replaced with a blazer and navy blue skirt and matching court shoes. This is the transformation of the Kate Middleton style since 2002 until now. Please continue reading this article to find out more about Kate Middleton fashion, and hopefully can inspire those of you who like Kate Middleton fashion.

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Everlasting Fashion Design Style with Trench Coat

Anastasia Lomonova women trench coat - Everlasting Fashion Design Style with Trench Coat

Trench coat not only ogled became mandatory dress for those who live in cold countries. But, trench coat is also suitable worn in tropical countries. The fashion world continues to spin. But, it is not able to move the trench coat. Until now, the trench coat is still a fashion item which is favored by women. The lovers of womens trench coat, wearing that clothing as daily outfit.

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Street Fashion Style 2012 at Sydney

Street fashion style 2012 Sydney, Rugby jersey

Street Fashion Style 2012 at Sydney is about Sydney street fashion style 2012. Currently, Australia Sydney fashion week is underway. Street-style photographer Tommy Ton was perpetuate the best Sydney fashionista street fashion style 2012 at Sydney as quoted from the Style. Here the Street Fashion Style 2012 at Sydney:

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Teddy Bear Jewelry Designed by Vivienne Westwood

Teddy bear necklace designed by Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood jewelry design collection known for its unique jewelry design and different from the others. For Spring/Summer 2011, jewelry designers Vivienne Westwood also released the latest jewelry collection. Latest jewelry collection of high end label in the jewelry sector is very complete and and all of them is unique jewelry. Start from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, key chains and cufflinks are all available in a wide variety of materials, sizes and styles of jewelry design.

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