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Mix and Match

mix n match

This woman looks very beautiful but does not look feminine. That’s because the style of street fashion that she was wearing. By mixing a lot of trends like fur, denim on her clothes, the military on her shoes, she can still look stylish. With a street fashion style like this you certainly will be the center of attention.

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2012 Fashion Trend with Several Fashion Themes

2012 fashion trend, fashion themes

2012 Fashion Trend with Several Fashion Themes is about fashion themes in 2012 fashion trend. Entering 2012, the fashion designer began to issue their design that is expected to become the new fashion trend. Although each of the fashion designer brings different styles, but basically they are oriented on fashion trend which prevailing in the countries of the fashion centers world, such as Paris, Italy, and so on. With emphasis on comfort, relaxed atmosphere, casual, and colorful, it will be transformed into 2012 fashion trend with several fashion themes.

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Accessories Belts and Glasses Fashion Tips

Belts for women - Accessories Belts and Glasses Fashion Tips

1. Belts

Role of the belts for women as accessories is often underestimated. But definitely, a good belts design and has been chosen correctly can change the look of the wearer of belts would be better, to make it look more sleek and elegant.

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Select Appropriate Clothing During the Holidays

white black loose shirt

Holidays, of course, a very eagerly awaited all those after daily routines. Especially now before the Christmas and new year of course all very happy to welcome the holidays. There are fill the holidays by going to the beach, camping is also partying. But many people do not know how to choose the right clothes when going on holiday. Here are some tips on fashion design to help you.

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Braided Topknot, Women New Hair Trend in 2011

Braided Topknot, Women New Hair Trend in 2011

This is not a statement to say that the hair trend lately is the braided hair, but in 2010 with a side braid trend has grown and can be imagination to the future. The current fashion lovers looking for another variation of the theme of braided hair, in addition to double hair knots there is another variation which gives us the sense of a larger trend that is braided topknot.

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