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Unique Womens High Heels 2011 Design by Dean and Dan Caten

DSQUARED2 SKATE MOSS by Dean and Dan Caten 2011

The lovers of high heels would be interest in the new shoes collection that designs by Dean and Dan Caten. Because, that new shoes combine style boot with very unique high heels. Which shaped like ice skating shoes that looks different and really had no rival. The use of high heels design Like ice skating is something we’ve never heard before, so the emergence of this unique womens high heels is certainly very interesting.

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Accessories Bags Fashion Tips

Bags in any colors - Accessories Bags Fashion Tips

Bags is a accessories that can tell a many about ourselves. Bags design, detail, color, and even how to wear a bag can reflect the inner world. Someone should have at least two bags: a dark color for winter and a more brighter color for spring and summer.

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New Women’s Hair Trend with The Bird’s Nest Bun

newest hair trends in 2011

Hair is a crown for a person, especially for a woman because the hair for a woman is a very important part. Hair type itself consists of various kinds, ranging from straight, curly, wavy, and many others. Women like to change her hair in accordance with the popular fashion trend. In 2011 many hair trends are popping up, so you get confused which one to take. Therefore we recommend that you try to latest hair styles bird’s nest bun.

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Halloween Costumes Ideas from Famous Celebrities

Halloween costumes ideas from famous celebrities

Halloween Costumes Ideas from Famous Celebrities is about the most stylish celebrities Halloween costumes ideas. Halloween became one of the event for celebrities to appear in a fun and unusual costumes. Not only vampire or zombie costume, there are fashion world icons costume. Here the stylish Halloween Costumes Ideas from Famous Celebrities.

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Fashion Trend of 2011 With New Design of Accentuated Shoulders

celebrity blake lively wear accentuated shoulders trend

Perhaps for those of you fashion lovers was familiar with accentuated shoulders, because accentuated shoulders is a trend from the past that 80-year and now comes back as a trend in 2011. In the fashion trend of 80s accentuated shoulders is a big shoulder pads, but in the fashion trends of 2011 now accentuated shoulders made more structured and more beautiful.

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