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New Fashion Design From Daughter of Former Beatles Member

blue colors trend 2011 by Stella McCartney

She is a daughter of former members of famous bands until now is The Beatles-Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney. Stella McCartney is a fashion designer from the UK, since little Stella McCartney likes fashion design, and aspire to be a fashion designer. And Now Stella McCartney has also succeeded in realizing her aspiration. Not left behind from the other fashion designer, in this 2011 Stella was also released a new fashion collection for spring. What are the Stella McCartney collections in Spring 2011? please read on to find out more.

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Christmas Fashion

black-dress high-heels christmas

Now we have entered in December, and about to welcome Christmas. On Christmas day we usually gather with family, friends, and people we love. After hanging out with people we love, we’ll go on vacation. Keep Reading…

Celebrity Couples Dress of Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson, Stripe Fashion

Celebrity couples dress Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson, stripe fashion

Celebrity Couples Dress of Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson, Stripe Fashion is about Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson celebrity couples dress, compact with stripe fashion. Compactness of celebrity couples Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson is not only seen on display of affection, but also through the clothes they wear. Here the celebrity couples dress of Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson, stripe fashion.

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Flounce Mini Skirt as New Fashion Trend of Women in 2011

Flounce mini skirt as new fashion trend of women in 2011

Many fashion observers who judged that the days when many women wear a long skirts for women has passed. The assessment like that does not seem wrong. In big cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Paris and London, the view of women passing by in long skirts for women or long dress is easing with the arrival of spring this year. Both the length to the ankle or just below the knee.

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Dr Martens Shoes, Shoes Design That Changed The World

Dr Martens shoes, shoes Design that changed the world

Dr Martens Shoes, Shoes Design That Changed The World is about shoes design that changed the world is Dr Martens shoes. If you grew up in the era of the 90s, certainly no stranger with the Dr Martens Shoes. The popularity makes these Dr Martens shoes into the list of 50 shoes that changed the world. Here the Dr Martens Shoes, Shoes Design That Changed The World.

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