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Five Fashionable Clothes and Dress For Your New Year’s Eve Party

dress of purple

Although not mandatory for every person, we should perform special when the new year will attend the party. Trendy clothing choices will you wear at a party later tonight turn of New Year’s Eve there are five options, namely: Keep Reading…

Stunning Wedding Gown for Summer Fashion Trend

Taffeta wedding dress - Stunning Wedding Gown for Summer Fashion Trend

When summer comes, many of you will get married. And of course you have to prepare a wedding dress would you wear to your wedding. Here are some wedding dress which will be the trend for summer.

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New Fashion Design From Daughter of Former Beatles Member

blue colors trend 2011 by Stella McCartney

She is a daughter of former members of famous bands until now is The Beatles-Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney. Stella McCartney is a fashion designer from the UK, since little Stella McCartney likes fashion design, and aspire to be a fashion designer. And Now Stella McCartney has also succeeded in realizing her aspiration. Not left behind from the other fashion designer, in this 2011 Stella was also released a new fashion collection for spring. What are the Stella McCartney collections in Spring 2011? please read on to find out more.

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New Fashion Design of Crop Tops that Free in Fashion Trend 2011

Fashion Design crop tops in Spring Fashion Trend 2011
Although we’ve seen crop tops and show the body parts of the stomach in a few years now, the fact that the trend crop tops is a trend with little hope of reaching the point of public consumption in the near future. Why is that?, because only a few people who are brave enough to expose more parts of his body in New Fashion Design of Crop Tops that Free in Fashion Trend 2011.

Vintage Fashion Trend for 2012 Fashion Trend

Vintage fashion trend, 2012 fashion trend

Vintage Fashion Trend for 2012 Fashion Trend is about 2012 fashion trend with vintage fashion trend. Accessory is a tool to support a person’s appearance to look more perfect. However, adding an accessory that does not mean adding a surplus budget, because usually the price of accessories is quite affordable, compared to the price of the clothes we wear. Some of the accessories that are already known and can enhance your appearance, such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, and glasses.

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