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Nail Polish Colors, Manicure, and Nail Art for Summer Fashion Trend

Creamy pastel nail polish colors by Christian Dior

Color trend was not only applies to clothing, but also for nail polish for summer fashion trend 2011. Following the trend of nail polish colors for summer fashion trend.

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New Men Suit Fashion Trend 2011 Design by Simon Spurr

New Men Suit Fashion Trend 2011 Design by Simon Spurr

Men’s fashion trend very much different from women fashion trend. Men’s fashion trend cycle spinning slower. Unlike women fashion trend that each year there is always a lot of development trends. One of the men’s fashion trend is a trend of men’s suit. Men’s suit is the clothing must be owned by every man. For that Simon Spurr offers new design of men’s suit in the latest men  fashion trends 2011.

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Fashion Tips to Wear Straight Cut Jeans Trend

Straight cut jeans style

Jeans are a fashion trend that never disappear from the world of fashion. Jeans will always be an option for lovers of fashion and even all the people in the world. Of the many models of jeans. At this time, I will discuss how to wear straight cut jeans correctly and what accessories are should be used when wear straight cut jeans in 2011.

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Summer Bikini Collection by Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret summer lingerie - Summer Bikini Collection by Victoria Secret

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to go to the beach for swim or just sunbathe. When going to the beach you should pay attention to bikini that you will wear for your look still sexy and beautiful.

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Christmas Fashion

black-dress high-heels christmas

Now we have entered in December, and about to welcome Christmas. On Christmas day we usually gather with family, friends, and people we love. After hanging out with people we love, we’ll go on vacation. Keep Reading…

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