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Louis Vuitton Fashion Trend 2012, Hunt It in Paris

Louis Vuitton fashion trend 2012, Paris

Louis Vuitton Fashion Trend 2012, Hunt It in Paris is about hunting products of Louis Vuitton fashion trend 2012 in Paris. Apart from being a center of fashion world, Paris is also known as a shopping paradise for fashionistas. Many branded products in that French capital is sought after by fashionistas from all over the world. Guaranteed, the products are original because the French government is very anti-piracy. They really appreciate the patent.

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Combination of White Blouse Trend in 2011

Combination of white blouse trend in 2011

Do not underestimate a plain white blouse! With various right combinations, a white blouse can be wear to different occasions. So it is not wrong if the white blouse is included in the must haves. Here are the combination that can inspire you to fashion trends 2011.

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Dress Code Clothing According To The Event

Dress code clothing

Dress Code Clothing According To The Event is about fashion tips of dress code clothing. Not only time and place are now listed on the invitation. But, not least invitor which also includes the word of dress code clothing or clothing instructions that must be worn in the event. Unfortunately, many people who have difficulty interpreting a dress code clothing. Dress code clothing is generally made according to the event. According to the event, the dress code clothing which often included in the invitation are:

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Replace Your Clothes With Lingerie as Outwear

Lingerie fashion outwear

Lingerie generally worn as underwear, and lingerie are usually used only in the house, not to travel. But lingerie was also able to be used during daily life, depending on how we are clever in combining lingerie. Keep Reading…

New Fashion Design of Fur Become Fashion Trend in 2011

new coats trend in 2011 with fur

Fur on clothing is a fur from animals which sheared and then formed into a clothing. Fur clothing trend is a trend which is usually worn in the winter, except because fur can warmed our body, fur also gives the impression of luxury in us. Fur trends on the fashion trend of 2011 there were everywhere ranging from hats to dress full of fur. But the fur jackets and fur coats are still a dominant from trend of fur in the fashion trend of 2011.

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