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New Design of Leather Belts for Women and Men 2011 Fashion Trend

Black beetle canvas belts - New Design of Leather Belts for Women and Men 2011 Fashion Trend

Since the first belts is a fashion item that can not be separated from everyone, both men and women. As in any other fashion accessory, the mens belts and belts for women was always changes, follow the development of fashion trend. And lately, belts for women that much-loved by women is a skinny belt. Skinny belt able to attract the attention of fashion lover because of the unique and fit combined with the current fashion trend. However, Don’t forget the leather belts, from the beginning until now, leather belts is a belts are the most popular by fashion lover around the world. Although the classic, but leather belts still attractive, moreover right now there are new designs of leather belts for men and womens leather belts for fashion trends 2011.

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High dress splits with Stockings New Ideas by designer Francesco Scognamiglio

splits of high dress fashion trend 2011

High dress splits is a trend that is very liked by women who like to go to the party. High dress splits began to favored from the last few years, in this fashion trend 2011 high dress splits is very popular. By wearing high dress splits will show your entire foot with split reaches upper thigh.

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Lady Diana Fashion Style History

Lady Diana fashion style history

Lady Diana Fashion Style History is about history of Lady Diana fashion style. Lady Diana as fashion icon of the 90s era is remembered in the exhibition titled Diana: Legacy of a Princess in California, USA. The best collection of Princess Diana’s dress along with a collection of jewelry and accessories, exhibited for the first time aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, USA. Here the Lady Diana Fashion Style History.

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Free Fashion Tips about Trench Coat

Plaid trench coat - Free Fashion Tips about Trench Coat

Do you have a collection of trench coat? Do not just stored in your wardrobe, because trench coat is also can wore by you to the various events. But of course in combine a trench coat should appropriately. Here are fashion tips for wearing trench coats for women to the various events.

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Women Fashion Designer: Women Rules Fashion Now

Women fashion designer, women rules fashion

Women Fashion Designer: Women Rules Fashion Now is about women rules fashion now by women fashion designer. The fashion industry now bolted into a business which is dominated by women fashion designer. In the hands of women fashion designer creativity is not merely commercial. The women fashion designer have intuition, emotion, and desire for what they create.

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