How To Check Quality Of A T-Shirt

Most people do not buy t-shirt subscription services because they are afraid of low-quality t-shirts. Some people do not know how to check the quality of the t-shirt. If you want to get the best t-shirts using the subscription services, you should know how to check the t-shirt quality. We have arranged a guide to help you check the quality parameters.

Check for color issues

When you receive the first t-shirt from the subscription service provider, it is better to check for color bleeding. You can tie a white cloth around the t-shirts with different colors and put them in water. You can remove the t-shirt from the water after a few hours and check the color of the white fabric. If there is a visible color difference, we can say that it has color bleeding issues. You can identify color fading by putting half of the t-shirt into the water for a few hours. If the color does not match the dry part of the t-shirt, it has color fading issues. These issues are more prominent in plain t shirts. It is better to search for another subscription service provider if you received a product with color issues.

Check for shrinkage

If you soak the low-quality t-shirt in water, it can damage the fabric. You will notice shrinkage in the t-shirt. If you have bought a large-sized t-shirt, it can become medium-sized after shrinkage. It is better to look for high-quality plain t-shirts to avoid the shrinkage problem. If the t-shirt has this issue, it indicates the t-shirt manufacturer has used low-quality fabric to manufacture it.

Check for stitching quality

There are many aspects of stitching quality. You can check the buttonholes to identify stitching issues. If the buttonholes have partial openings, you can estimate that the workers have not checked the quality. You can also check the t-shirt stitching by turning it inside-out. The t-shirt should have two layers of the stitching line. If the t-shirt has only one stitching line, it indicates low quality. When you combine the shrinkage issue with stitching quality issues, your t-shirt may rip at the public place. It can be an embarrassing situation for anyone.

Check collar and cuffs quality

Cuffs and collars have hard material to maintain the structure. A low-quality t-shirt manufacturer uses paper-like material in the cuffs and collars. If the collar structure becomes irregular after a few washes, it indicates usage of low-quality material. The cuffs should also maintain their shape.