How To Know If You Need Dental Implants

Often, when it comes to dental implants and who needs them, we tend to think of individuals that are either very old or very vain. In reality, while those are very real reasons a person may end up getting an implant, they are by far the only ones. Tooth loss and the need for dental implants are much more common than most people may think. From gum disease and non-restorative cavities to failed root canals or physical damage done to the tooth, virtually everyone will need to have their teeth examined or looked at to see if they need dental implants. Below, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can know whether your teeth need to be looked at or if you may qualify for dental implants.

#1. Loss Of Tooth

The most obvious reason, dental implants operate effectively as a replacement teeth. This is usually going to be needed when you’ve lost the current tooth that you have. There are a ton of reasons why you may have previously lost your tooth, all of which are acceptable reasons to look into dental implants. This can range from the tooth rotting away, a weakening of the gums, or just physical damage done directly to the tooth. All of these scenarios should be considered when asking whether you need dental implants or not. If your tooth is largely intact and sturdy, you should be fine. If your tooth is “loose” or the gums are painful to touch, on the other hand, you may just need to look into some dental implants.

#2. Tooth Infection & Gum Disease

Whether it’s a tooth infection or gum disease, you’ll want to have that looked at as soon as possible. One of the big challenges that come with dental care is that people often only go when it becomes far too late. If you’re someone suffering from an infected tooth or dealing with gum disease, taking the time to have it inspected and handled as quickly as possible is your best bet.

It is only when things have become too late will you need to look into dental implants.

#3. Teeth Shifting

Lastly, if you have teeth shifting, you may need to consider getting dental implants. Teeth shifting is where there is a missing tooth and the neighboring tooth on either side works to bridge the gap. This can often lead to a destabilizing of the dental roots while also making your teeth crooked and more difficult to clean.

By spending some time investigating what the best solution is for dental damage, you’ll realize that leaping dental implants not only helps stabilize your teeth, it ultimately helps your entire jaw, greatly decreasing any overall issues you may have developed later on. And while there are a lot of dental experts out there, the dental doctors over at Doctor Wisdom in Montreal ( are a place that you can trust, especially if you are in the Montreal area.

No matter what, do your research and find an expert in the field that can help you with a personalized assessment of your teeth and what the issue may be at the time.