The Main Benefits Of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has been around since the popularization of cellphones and it likely isn’t going anywhere else anytime soon. If anything as smartphones become more and more integrated with our day to da day life and work, the viability and popularity of SMS marketing have only increased.

SMS is one of the most successful channels for marketing and user engagement, but what exactly has allowed it to earn this place? Today we will be taking a look at some of the main benefits and features of SMS marketing so you can better understand what it truly brings to the table.

Easy integration

One of the most important SMS marketing features is just how easy it is to integrate this channel with other campaigns and platforms. An SMS text has to be short sure, but it also has the advantage of being distributed on phones. And nowadays phones can do just about anything with a simple tap.

SMS clients can directly integrate with other plugins and services like Facebook and WordPress, but it’s also really easy to integrate multiple services just by texting. You can use your SMS campaign to link back to your homepage or your app and make sure that your clients stay connected with you on multiple fronts.

It’s a direct channel

Something that shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to SMS marketing is just how direct of a marketing channel it is. According to specialists, SMS has a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of their initial delivery. Not only is that an amazing percentage, but it’s also a very brief time window.

SMS are targeted straight to a phone with no other filters in between. There’s no spam folder where your messages might land, or the need to log into a specific website or app. All phones have a dedicated messaging app that is always on, and since the volume of texts users receives is dramatically smaller than emails; your clients are far more likely to read an SMS than the alternative.

High engagement

The best part about SMS marketing is that audiences are already used to it and are largely fond of it. SMS is a very direct form of communication as we saw above, but it also has very good acceptance rates.

Most clients are welcoming of SMS marketing, and by its very nature, it’s delivered in a concise and easy-to-understand format. This means that you can keep your clients up to date on all the new deals or products without overwhelming them. SMS texting might be simple, but that simplicity and familiarity are what make potential clients so receptive to it.